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British United Provident Association

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"Bupa" is a British-based international healthcare group. The term "Bupa" originated as an abbreviation of the British United Provident Association, which was the organization's original name when it was founded in 1947.

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Q: What does the letters bupa mean?
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What does bupa in Welsh mean?

It doesn't appear to be a Welsh word.

What is Bupa's population?

The population of Bupa is 52,000.

When was Bupa created?

Bupa was created in 1947.

Does the bank of England regulate bupa?

No, the Bank of England does not regulate BUPA.

What is sap-bupa?

bupa is a table were you get all the details of business partner.

Where can one get Bupa travel insurance?

There are many websites where one can receive Bupa's travel insurance. Bupa's official website allows one to receive a free quote and purchase Bupa insurance from their webpage.

Where can I find out more about bupa insurance?

There are many insurance provides which specialize in bupa insurance. For more information online you can visit or

Where can one find more information about Bupa Health Care?

One can receive a Bupa health check at their local Bupa health center. One can use the Bupa website to the center closest to them and fill in an online booking form.

Where are the headquarters for Bupa Insurance located?

Bupa Insurance is a company based out of London, England. Bupa Insurance specializes in providing the general public of the United Kingdom with medical insurance.

Is Bupa a charity?

No. Even Bupa is private company limited by guarantee, it does distribute profits to members, so it is not a charity.

Where can find information about Bupa medical in UK?

Bupa UK is a company that offers health insurance and individual, group, and family healthcare. One can find more information about them by visiting the official Bupa UK website.

What does BUPA stand for?

I think its the British United Provident Association for more information see: