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What rcz mean inside ring

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Cindy Ruiz

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Inside my ring the letters I L what does that mean it's not gold

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Q: What does the letters r c z mean inside a ring?
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What does C A mean inside a silver diamond ring?

It is the authenticity of the diamond contained inside your silver ring.

What does M C 925 stamped inside a silver ring mean?

925 m/c

What does the hallmark COP 89 7 with a circled 'c' stamped inside your ring mean?

what does cop 89 mark mean

What does Ev 18 mean on C kt ring?

what does ev1 stamped on the inside of a marquise cut 14 carat gold diamond ring?

What does it mean when 925 with circle c and ec is imprinted on silver?

What's © ec

What does C-P 14K mean inside a ring?

C-P 14K likely refers to the metal composition of the ring. "C-P" is likely the manufacturer's mark or logo, and "14K" indicates that the ring is made of 14 karat gold, which is a common type of gold used in jewelry.

What does a c inside a circle with FM 85 stamped inside of a ring mean?

I believe the FM is Franklin Mint. Not sure about the number. Might be the whole is the copyright designation since the copyright symbol (c in a circle) precedes the fm85

What does 925C on a ring mean?

c = diamond

What does 925C on a diamond ring mean?

"925C" on a diamond ring most likely refers to the sterling silver content of the ring. Sterling silver is comprised of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals for durability.

Is there really a button inside the mailbox on that will make them c?

Yes, there is a button inside the mailbox where the postmasters put all the letters.

What word has seven letters starts with c and means to hold something inside?


What does 14k c mean?

filled golg wedding ring