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Q: What does the line before a number in harmonica music mean?
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Does 3 go before -3?


What number comes before pi?

Any negative number comes before pi in the number line.

What is a bar line?

in music it is a line used to divide the piece into bars with a certain number of beats based on the time signature

Where does 375 go on a number line?

after 374 and before 376

What is it called when at the top of sheet music there is a number with a line after it that when you get to it you skip to where there is a second number?

Those are the first and second endings of a repeat.

What is the name of line 5 of the staff?

There is no name for line number 5 of the staff its a trick question (if you are doing a music crossword like i am) the answer is its the top line. i looked it up

What music does line dancing dance to?

Line Dancing started with Country line dancing music, but these days is taught and choreographed to many different styles of music.

Do negatives numbers come before positive numbers?

On the number line they do.

Undefined index in PHP?

Please focus on the line number before the line of the error. There must be an array, with some issues with the index.

How many lines were on a musical staff from the medieval time preiod?

There was no specific number of lines for a medieval musical staff. Some of the music was written with no lines at all. Some had one line, and others four. A lot of music was written in tablature notation, with a line for each string on the instrument that was used to play the music.

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Put 141 before the number you dial

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The group's earliest line-up consisted of Brian Jones (guitar, harmonica), Ian Stewart (piano), Mick Jagger (lead vocals, harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar, vocals), Bill Wyman (bassist) and Charlie Watts (drummer).