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Light, Air, Water, Warmth, Nutrients

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Q: What does the mnemonic expression LAWWN stand for?
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What does the D stand for in mnemonic pain?

Duration. How long has it been at that level of pain. Which mnemonic are you talking about?

What do the 3 letters in the mnemonic CSM stand for?

Circulation. Sensation. Movement

What does the mnemonic cab stand for in first aid?

Circulation Airway and Breathing

Are rhymes one example of mnemonic devises?

Rhymes are one example of mnemonic devices. Other examples include music mnemonics, name mnemonics, word or expression mnemonics, and model mnemonics.

What does the mnemonic DOTS stand for in first aid?

deformities open wounds tenderness swelling

Mnemonic could fanny play violin much worse stand for?

Could Fanny Play Violin Much Worse stand for the 6 nutrients:CalciumFibberProteinVitaminsMineralsWater

What Does LAWWN mean in science?

It Means Light, Air, Water, Warmth and Nutrients. All of these are what plants need.

A mnemonic device helps you remember something by?

using a familiar thing to stand in for something you want to remember.

What does PASS stand for in cooking?

It is the mnemonic for using a fire extinguisher--a very important tool to have in the kitchen. Point Aim Squeeze and Sweep.

What does the mnemonic DRs ABC stand for in first aid?

danger response shout for help airway breathing circulation

What does ESP stand for as a mnemonic for the sequence of activity for starting child or infant CPR?

ESP must be a seller (possibly manufactures) CPR mannequins (see related link). There is no mnemonic that uses ESP for CPR that I am aware of.

What is the difference btwn a numberical expression and an algebraic expression?

An algebraic expression contains one or more letters that stand for [numeric] variables.