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The name 'Kira' in Japanese usually means 'Dark' or less commonly, 'Evil'.

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Q: What does the name 'Kira' mean in Japanese?
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What does kira kira mean in Japanese'?

it dose not mean killer cause my name is kira dose anybody have any in comen

What does the name Kira mean?

In Greek, kira means lady of the sun, and in Japanese it means glitter or sparkles.

What does Kira- Kira mean in Japanese?

It means 'killer' in Japanese i guess i know from watching Death Note!

In the book kira-kira what language does the word kira-kira originate?


What does the first name kira mean?

The name Kira is of Greek origin and it means "lordly" or "ruler". It can also mean "sparkling" or "radiant" in Russian.

Why does kira's name mean dark and killer?

dark is Gaelic/Celtic and killer is from the anime death note and that is just how killer is pronounced in Japanese

What does kira mean in deathbook?

Kira is a pseudonym for Light Yagami, the main character in the anime/manga series Death Note. He adopts the name Kira while using the Death Note to carry out vigilante justice by killing criminals.

What is the plot of the book kira-kira?

A Japanese amrican girl KatieakguhruewiYGW

How do you say Kira is justice and Kira is God in Japanese?

Kira WA Masayoshi and Kira WA kami desu Kira WA Masayoshi to kami desu

Is Kira real?

There is a real character with a similar name. He is called Killer. Because this is an import word, it has to be changed into Japanese phonetics before you can write it in Japanese characters. Killer, in Japanese phonetics, is 'Kirā', but it can be written as Kiraa or Kira.If someone doing an english translation didn't realise the character's name is an import word, they might call this character Kira instead of Killer.However apart from this, there is no character in One Piece with Kira as their real name.

What does 'Kira' mean in English?

Kira is an Irish name that means "black". There is also a similar sounding name in Russian that means comes from the Persian name Kūrush, which may mean "far sighted" or "young".

What is the birth name of Kira Diktyar?

Kira Diktyar's birth name is Kira Diktyar.