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Soshka is not an actual Russian word, but it is a Russian derivation of Sophia, which is Greek for wisdom.

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Q: What does the name Soshka mean in Russian or Ukraine?
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Where did Ukraine get its name?

The name translates to something like 'borderland' in Ukrainian and Russian.

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He's not really Russian, WWE simply stereotypes him as Russian because he's from Ukraine. Vladimir Kozlov's real name is Oleg Prudius. From Kiev, Ukraine.

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No, Ludmila is actually from Ukraine, but it is used widely in Russia.

What does the name manoucheka mean?

The name Manoucheka is a Russian name which also means a Russian ballerina.

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Male name meaning 'Farmer' in Russian.

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Анна (Russian version) It means gracious.

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"Barker" in Russian

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A Russian Empress

What does Russian name dimitri mean?


Why did Ukraine used to be called the Ukraine?

Some people used to refer to it as such, and some still do, but this is linguistically wrong. The name of the country is simply Ukraine.So it is grammatically right to write 'Ukraine' not 'the Ukraine.'Using "the" is a holdover from when Ukraine was under Russian domination. Both the czars and the Soviets denied the nationhood of Ukraine, and tried to force the people to assimilate. This was done by banning the usage of the Ukrainian language and by trying to get people to believe that Ukraine was merely a region of RUssia, and that the Ukrainians were merely "Little Russians."The correct usage (and that preferred by the current government) is simply "Ukraine." The other usage was preferred by the Russian and Soviet overlords in Ukraine's past; they denied the separate nationhood of Ukraine, and considered it merely a region of Russia. Thus the usage.

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It is an old russian name means (hope)

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The name Katia means pure, it is russian.