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The word " lion " means, " King of beasts "

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The name Haidar means lion.

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It is the Turkish word for "lion".

it means lion or lioness

in albanian it means lion

it means lion-bold or strong as the lion originated from France or German

It simply means lion, in the Swahili language of Africa.

"Leyb" is a lion. "Leybl" is the diminuitive ... small or young lion.

Leib (לייב) = lion(Not to be confused with Lieb with means Love)

Ari is actually the Hebrew name for lion. So the answer to your question is... Ari=Lion

Ari (ארי) = "lion"

My name Leonel Means Young Lion in spanish Spain name. lol

a common name for a lion is lion or mammal

Osama means Lion and the orgine of the name is Arabic

Ariel (אריאל) means Lion of God.

It really means 'Earth Lion'.

a cub. assuming you mean a lion not aliens.

Simba means "lion" in Swahili.

the proud lion ino because my name is Kane AND HAVE BIG DICKS

The name Ariel is Hebrew. It means "lion/lioness of God".

The name "Kovu" means "Scar" in Swahili!

The name Llewelyn is Welsh and means (directly translated) "lion enemy".

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