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Q: What does the number before mean before stock price?
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What does the closing price of a stock mean?

Closing price (Last). The final price of JLJ stock for the day.

What is the price-earning?

If you mean the price-earnings ratio. It is the price per share of a common stock divided by the annual earnings of the stock.

What does drop in stock market mean?

It simply means a drop in the stock price of the company.

What does change mean in a stock listing in the newspaper?

Change. The difference between the closing price of the stock for this session and the closing price for the previous close

What does it mean to buy to cover a stock?

If you are buying to cover a stock, it means that you have sold short the stock (borrowed the stock and then sold it in the expectation of the stock price dropping).

What is bullish mean in stock market?

In day to day stock market trading, the terminology means the underlying stock will go up in price.

Explain what is ADR for stock Will it shows strength of stock if it is greater than 60 If it is 20 what does it mean it is weak stock?

See the explanation of American depository Receipt at: The actual price of the ADR means nothing in itself, just like the price of a stock doesn't. The number of shares, among other things, makes the stock price higher or lower without changing any real value. (A stock with a float of say 100 shares and a price of $100 as share, would be the same if the float was 1,000 shares but the price would then be indicated as $10 a share).

What does it mean when there is a bid price but no ask price for a stock?

means that the markets closed... Wait till they open again

What does it mean if a stock's price remains unchanged?

it means the cost stays the same

What does low stock prices mean?

low stock prices means that the value of the stock fell, which means that the business is doing not as well as it was doing when the price was higher

What does it mean when a stock price is high relative to recent price action?

It means that the price of the stock has gone higher than what it has been recently. If you are looking at selling it, now is the time to sell. It's not a good time to buy.

What does share price mean?

Share price refers to the price of a particular company's share that is being traded in any stock marketat that particular time.