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Iron is a part of all cells, and do many things for the human body. It carries oxygen from lungs through the body. It also helps muscles store and use oxygen.Ê

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Is iron a micro nutrient or macro nutrient?

Iron is a Micro-nutrient but is included under macro-nutrients because it is highly needed by the body.

A nutrient needed by the body and that must be supplied by foods is what?

Each day the body loses some iron, so people have to replace it by eating foods that contain iron.

Iron and calcium are examples to this type of nutrient?

the nutrient is minerals

Does the nutrient iron come from the element iron?


Where is iron produced in the body?

It isnt! Most iron is produced through recycled red blood cells or absorption through food. It is an essential nutrient.

Is haem iron a nutrient?

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What nutrient is related to iron-deficiency anemia?


What nutrient prevents anemia?


Which nutrient does fish not contain?


Anemia is a disorder of what?

Anaemia is a disorder of iron deficiency. When the body is low in this nutrient as enough is not being provided in the diet. High sources of iron are kidney and red meat

There are so important to keep your body healthy example iron calcium what are they?

Calcium is the super nutrient needed to make strong bones and teeth. Iron is essential in the production of blood.

Calcium and iron are examples of which nutrient?


What nutrient found in banana?

iron and potassium

What nutrient is a the center of the hemoglobin molecule?


What nutrient reduces calcium absorption?


What nutrient plays an important role in preventing anemia?

IronThe key nutrient is iron, although there are other nutrients that also help to prevent anemia.

What does iron vitamin do?

It helps your body recover from disease, along with being an essential nutrient in the bodies process of creating red blood cells.

What is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world?


What nutrient combines with protein to make hemoglobin?


What is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world is?


What is the nutrient that helps your body eliminate waste materials?

what is the nutrient that helps your body eliminate wasre materials

Is fiber a nutrient?

Fibre can't be absorbed by the body, so it is not a nutrient.

Which nutrient does your body use the most of each day?

blah blah u need zink vitiman a b & c also alot of iron

What nutrient doesn't supply calories to the human body?

The Nutrient That Doesn't supply calories to the human body is the water.......

Give an example of nutrients?

A nutrient is something your body needs to function properly. A few examples would be iron, calcium, sugars, carbohydrates, anything your body utilizes to perform basic functions.