What does the only catch mean?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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The only "small issue" is....

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Q: What does the only catch mean?
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How do you catch zoara in black no cheats?

you mean zorua-and you can only catch it with the event celebi.

Can you catch a rare Pokemon if you only 1 badge?

If you mean legendaries, then no.

What does professor oak mean when he says i think you will catch more Pokemon by going fishing?

There are some pokemon you can only catch by fishing.

How do you catch the three legendary Pokemon?

If you have a Pokemon that knows the move Mean look,use that on the Pokemon your trying to catch(only use mean look on the Pokemon that always fled when you try to catch them.)After that it will say The Pokemon can't escape.That's your only chance to use any pokeball(well not your only chance unless the Pokemon your trying to catch knows the move roar.)Well, I !

What does catch mean for golf?

Catch in golf doesn't mean anything

What does Lil Wayne mean by venereal disease?

Only women get VD and only women get menstrual bleeds.So he's saying hes like a disease you can catch a disease and i guess he is easy to catch for women.

Can you only catch drifloon on Fridays?

Yes, you can only catch Drifloon on Fridays.

How do you catch Deoxys with ceating?

what do u mean ceating ??????????????????????? if u mean cheating only on vba go to or go to codes gba

Where do you find kyogrein Pokemon ruby?

if you mean kyogre then you cant catch kyogre in ruby (sapphire and emerald only)

How do you catch a deathly spider on animal crossing ds?

Deathly Spider? You mean a tarantula? It is only in the Summer and is at night.

How do you get legendaries in wc3 Pokemon world considering you can only have 3 Pokemon max?

Actually I mean I can't get them cause we need 3 level10 Pokemon to get to them and then we can't catch them cause we can only have 3 Pokemon total. Then how are we suposed to catch them?!

What does this phrase mean certain things catch your eye but per sue only those that capture your heart?

You may be baited to do something but only do what you want.