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Short Answer: The ozone layer protects the DNA of all surface dwelling life, by absorbing UltraViolet-B from our Sun.

More detail
The ozone layer is the product of very short wave Ultraviolet light (UV-B) breaking apart oxygen molecules. When ozone is formed, it serves to block energetic UV (UV-B) that other molecules don't, and acts to moderate day / night temperature swings a little bit.
Ozone absorbs UV-B, which would otherwise damage our DNA, and the DNA of all surface dwellers on Earth (including phytoplankton in the oceans). This absorption of UV-B or more energetic light breaks the ozone down into an oxygen molecule and a single oxygen atom. A few of these fragments reassemble as ozone. But primarily UV-B is required to break apart more oxygen to make replacement ozone.

The ozone layer is like a blanket that shields Earth (not just the living things). It is a "greenhouse gas" that moderates day / night temperature swings, and allows the "heat" of the nitrogen and oxygen at altitude to be radiated away (both up and down).

Diseases that increase as the ozone layer gets thinner...
  • cataracts
  • skin cancer (melanoma)
  • cancer in general
  • malnutrition / starvation (since our food crops are similarly attacked)
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Where is the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is a region with a relatively high concentration of ozone, and is located near the bottom of the stratosphere. It is located 8 to 50km above sea level. The altitude varies with latitude, placing the stratosphere and the ozone layer closer to the Earth's surface over the poles. T ( Full Answer )

What is the ozone layer for?

The ozone layer acts like a protective shield for the Earth. Ozone is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. When UV rays fall on an ozone molecule, their energy is utilized in breaking up the bonds to give an oxygen molecule. As such, most of UV-A and UV-B energies are absorbed, leaving on ( Full Answer )

Why is the ozone layer called layer?

Ozone concentration increases with decreasing altitude to a maximum value, then drops of to near zero at the Earth's surface. The region of high concentration is called a layer, because it covers the entire Earth, and is confined to a few kilometers in height / thickness.

Ozone layer is in this layer?

Ozone layer is present in the stratospheric region of atmosphere.It is a pool of ozone molecules.

Distinguish between ozone and ozone layer?

Ozone is a molecule, with certain chemical properties, a propensity for absorbing UV-B or more energetic radiation, and is unstable... tending to decay back to oxygen. The ozone layer is a region of atmosphere, with the usual 70+% of nitrogen and 20+%oxygen, and the usual trace gases. Only the amo ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a ozone layer?

We have an ozone layer because without it the Earth would be way too cold for there to be life on it.

What layer is the ozone?

It is to the lower part of the stratosphere. Also it helps you to eat plastic...

Is Ozone depletion thickening the ozone layer?

No, depletion means thinning. The ozone layer is being depleted by chlorofluorocarbons which decomposes in the presence of short wavelength ultraviolet radiation from the sun. the chlorine radical produce in this reaction reacts with the ozone. The oxygen atoms present in the stratosphere reacts ( Full Answer )

Why you have the ozone layer?

because it protects us from the uv rays and it absorbs the solar energy to let the temperature at night good and not so cold

Why is there an ozone layer?

Ozone formation is a natural chemical process. When oxygen istreated with UV radiations oxygen gets converted into ozone. Oxygenin earth's atmosphere when exposed to sun's radiations gotconverted into ozone.

In which layer does the ozone layer occur?

The Ozone Layer, which is made up of Ozone molecules, or O 3 molecules, occurs in the stratosphere. The stratosphere is the second layer up from the surface, above the troposphere, which we live in. (Sorry...long drawn out answer.) :)

Does the Ozone Layer have layers?

Ozone is present in the stratosphere of the earth's atmosphere. Itprotects us from the harmful UV light of the sun.

Where is the ozone decreasing in the ozone layer?

Mostly over Antarctica, and to a lesser extent over the North Pole. Thanks to worldwide agreement and compliance with the 1987 UNMontreal Protocol (which agreed to phase out ozone depletingchemicals) global ozone depletion is no longer increasing. TheMontreal Protocol is the most (some would say on ( Full Answer )

Is the ozone layer all ozone?

No. It is mostly nitrogen (~78%) and oxygen (~21%) with the usual trace gases. The ozone level is about 9 ppm in the ozone layer, at its peak value.

Which layer contains the ozone layer and what does it do?

This is the stratosphere. There is also ozone in the lower troposphere, but the ozone layer in the stratosphere contains helpful ozone that blocks much of the ultraviolet radiation. Without this layer, life on earth would be very difficult.

Is the ozone layer a layer of the atmosphere?

No, it is a "sub-layer" mostly located within the stratosphere (app. 10-50 km above the Earth's surface), but exists in small quantities within all layers of the atmosphere. The Stratophere is the second-lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere and the ozone layer is located there.

Why is ozone considered a pollutant in the ozone layer?

Ozone in the ozone layer is not at all a pollutant but it is something without which no ozone layer may have existed. Ozone can be considered as a pollutant in the stratospheric region but in the stratosphere or the ozone layer it is of full or complete use. No harms there.

What does an ozone layer do?

The Ozone layer acts as a blanket for the earth by protecting it from the harmful UV radiations of the sun and helping the humans and all other living organisms to survive on this planet.

What is ozone layer and where is it?

Ozone:A gas with a minute concentration in our atmosphere but have importance which cannot counted in any dollar or euro. Ozone gas forms an ozone layer in the stratosphere of the earth. This ozone layer is one of the reasons for the establishment of all the species on the earth including the humans ( Full Answer )

Why ozone layer surround ozone hole?

Ozone layer does not surround ozone hole. Ozone layer has manyholes in it. However it has a considerable major hole in it aboveAntartica continent. It is formed due to CFC gas. Beacuse of thehole there is an increase in the temperature of earth.

Why are there no hole in the ozone layer when spacecrafts leave the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is just a layer of gas, so while the ozone might get "stirred up" a bit, it does not form a hole. An ozone hole is not a physical hole; it's only an area in the ozone layer where the ozone levels are very low because of decomposition by chemicals. Consider this: If you move your ha ( Full Answer )

What is the issue with the ozone layer and why is the ozone layer important?

The ozone layer protects us from the Suns UV-B (ultra violet rays). These rays damage DNA (passing right through skin, etc.) which can cause cataracts, cancer, mutation, reduction in crop yields, and loss of arable land. These rays heat up the stratosphere, as ozone is also a greenhouse gas. So ( Full Answer )

What is the ''ozone layer''?

Ozone is a tri oxygen molecule. It is formed in a natural processby the action of UV light on oxygen molecule. The layer constitutesmany molecules of ozone.

What does he ozone layer do?

Ozone layer in stratosphere absorbs the UV rays. These UV rays arefatal for life on earth..

What is the function of ozone in the ozone layer?

The ozone layer protects the Earth from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which are harmful to us. Without the ozone layer, the effects of global warming would happen at a much faster rate, and UV can be harmful to many forms of life.

What ozone layer?

The Ozone layer is the layer between Earth and Space. :) It is a layer of Ozone.It is situated in the stratosphere.It absorbs harmful UV rays

What the ozone layer is?

A layer of the atmosphere that keeps out most of the UV rays from the sun.

Where the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is present in the stratospheric region of theatmosphere. This ozone layer blocks out the harmful radiations fromthe sun. It acts as a shield covering the earth.

Which layers has the ozone in it?

The ozone is present in the stratospheric region of the atmosphere.It protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun.

Is there a ozone layer?

Yes - It's a thin 'shell' in the atmosphere - that protects us from much of the solar radiation.

What layer is ozone on?

Ozone layer is located in stratosphere. It is approximately 20 to30 kilometres (12 to 19 mi) above Earth, though the thicknessvaries seasonally and geographically.

What ozone layer do?

Ozone layer protects us from harmful UV rays. these are harmful UVradiations of the sun.

Which layer has the ozone?

Ozone layer is present in two areas. First is the lower troposphereknown as the ground ozone. The other is in stratosphere whichprevents us from the harmful radiations from the sun.

What is the the ozone layer?

The ozone layer acts as a shield to the earth's surface. Itprotects us from the harmful UV radiations of the earth.

How does the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is formed due to UV rays. These high energy waves create and destroy ozone.