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What does the prologue (Luke 11-4) tell us about this author How does it serve as an aid in understanding the Gospel of Luke?

What does the prologue (Luke 1:1-4) tell us about this author? How does it serve as an aid in understanding the Gospel of Luke?

What does the prologue tell us about the overall plot of Romeo and Juliet?

The prologue tells us how Romeo and Juliet are both going to end up dying and only their death will resolve the two families' everlasting feud

Tell us about a time when you provided extraordinary customer service by delivering the unexpected?


What is the purpose of the prologue in The Great Gatsby?

It gives us insight into the character of Nick Carraway. Knowing the background of the narrator creates a sense of trust and this then makes us believe more of what he will tell us later on in the novel. It also gives reasons for some of his judgments and actions he makes/does later on in the story. Without a prologue the story would jump too quickly and the prologue is instrumental in providing us with reasons, easing us into the story of the 'Great Gatsby'.

What is the meaning of the quote - What is past is prologue?

"The past is prologue" - the backstory prepares us for and increases appreciation of the present.

What moral does the pardoner want us to draw form his tale?

greed is the root of all evil

What moral does the pardoner want us to draw from his tale?

the value of people and the way they change over time

Why does Shakespeare tell us how the story is going to end in romeo and Juliet?

When you call the play a tragedy in the title, it doesn't take much guessing to guess the ending anyway. The Prologue tells us more backstory than ending.

Is the introduction to the us constitution called the preface the prologue or the preamble?

yes the preamble

How is the code of Hammurabi similar to the law of US?

It has a prologue followed by 282 amendments.

What does the prologue of romeo and Juliet reveal to us?

It is telling you what is going to happen in the story.

What laws of the code of Hammurabi are similar to modern US laws?

Mostly the prologue.

Why did Shakespeare tell us what happens at the end of his play in the prologue?

Shakespeare tells us what happens in the prologue because the story of Romeo and Juliet is nothing new. The story of Romeo and Juliet is cliche and has been used many times but in different settings. People who went to the theater at the time went to see it for the performance, not the story. People who read Romeo and Juliet now read it for the language, not the story.

What principles of US government seem to follow the code of Hammurabi?

The codification and the making of a prologue.

What unexpected turn of events occurred in postwar Vietnam involving the US?

The unexpected turn of events that occurred in postwar Vietnam involving the US was the refugees. A refugee is someone who leaves their country because of a war.

Can the text in the prologue also appear in the main body of the novel?

There is no reason why it shouldn't. Maybe the prologue contains the essence of the novel, some small morsel of insight that might whet the literary appetite of a new reader. Then the novel can precede, maybe even from some point chronologically earlier than the time setting of the prologue. As the storyline develops it gradually gets closer to the moments that were epitomised in the prologue. Maybe the prologue could be repeated at that point, and the reader will then more fully grasp the significance of the thoughts expressed in the prologue. After all, a prologue is just a preliminary narrative, speech or poem. Doubtless, with some novels, it would be ideal to introduce it again, later, in context, where the poignancy of the prologue will be more fully understood and appreciated. One writing tutor says, of a prologue, that it can be "... a scene taken directly from the book - a few paragraphs inserted only to make us keep reading." The decision whether 'to prologue, or not to prologue' is the author's to make, who will also decide the form of the prologue if one is used. Those wishing to develop their writing skills may wish to make a wide study of novels with prologues, then decide for themselves what advantages there may be in having a prologue. With a broader spectrum of knowledge the author can then make an informed choice regarding prefacing their own novel(s) with a suitable prologue, or not! For more information, see 'Related links' below.

What do adjectives tell us?

They tell us how, when, where.

What unexpected economic benefits did the US realize from its purchase of Alaska?

Don't ask me you shovel!

What does a treble tell us?

to tell us what major it is

What is the prologue from Romeo and Juliet poem about?

I am sure that your question is not about the poemRomeus and Juliet, but about the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The prologue to the play (which is a poem in the form called a sonnet) basically tells us the outline of the plot and the setting: Verona, Italy.

What does Barometric Pressure tell us?

tell us the air preasure

How does the sun affect your daily lives in unexpected ways?

it gives us the heat we need to stay warm

What is 495 divided by 5?


What do the spots on a ladybug tell us?

The spots on a ladybug tell us how old it is.

What do valance electrons tell us about atoms?

they tell us if the substance is stable or not