What does the phrase gave at the office mean?

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Charities often come around to businesses seeking donations from office workers. The expression "I gave at the office" is a way of justifying one's refusal to donate to something, as if to say that one has already done so at work.
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What does the phrase 'eh what' mean?

"Eh wot" is an obsolete British slang exclamation that can be used to punctuate the end of a sentence, particularly a jovial remark. The meaning of the word "wot" is "know", so the phrase "eh wot?" is equivalent to saying "you know?"

What does the phrase 'fair dinkum' mean?

The Australian term "fair dinkum" means genuine or true. If someone is fair dinkum , it means they are honest, and there's no deception in them. What you see is what they are really like. If presented as a question, such as "Are you fair dinkum?" or just "Fair dinkum?" it means "Is that really true ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase The feeling is mutual mean?

If you say to someone "The feeling is mutual" you are telling that person that you agree with them - your opinions, thoughts, feelings mirror theirs. It means: "I feel the same way about sucking your nob"

What does the phrase you see the light mean?

It can mean a couple of things depending on how it is used. To "see the light" could mean a spiritual revelation, a revelation in general (you suddenly see the solution to a problem, or suddenly grasp what someone is talking about), or some people use it to describe a near death experience, the ligh ( Full Answer )

How do you get a hold of the officer who gave you a speedin ticket?

You would normally contact any officer through the business office of their police department.. Realize that because the officer will either be the prosecuting party or a witness for a different prosecutor, he may decide not to discuss the ticket with you.

What is the meaning of office?

One meaning of the word office is a place or building where peopleusually sit at desks performing professional and business tasks. Itcan also be a room or building where doctors, lawyers, etc. meetwith clients or patients.

What is the Latin phrase that means 'by means'?

Via EDIT: Via (long a) could be used for "by the road", and could be taken figuratively for 'by means' However, much more common is the English phrase "by means of smthg " is simply shown by using the ablative. He killed him by means of a sword = interficit eum gladio.

What does gave worms mean?

If you're talking about the Family Guy episode where Brian says he gave worms to his girlfriend. Worms is a disease that dogs get where they have little tiny worms living in their stomach and they turned it into a joke by saying he 'gave' her worms like it was a sexually transmitted disease.

What are common phrases using the word office?

run for office . Go to the principal's office! . office party . office romance . office gossip . working late at the office . post office, doctor's office, surgeon general's office . hold the office of . take office / leave office . office pool . office policy . office meeting

Can you gave the meaning of catering proposal?

A catering company that wants you to hire them will give you a 'proposal' which will include a description of what they will and wont do for the event, a menu and a price.

You are 19 and gave a false statemnet to a police officer?

At 19 you are legally an adult. If your statement obstructed an investigation or interrupted or delayed the investigation of a crime or offense, you COULD be charged.. Oh I thought it was 18 :P.. See discussion page:

What is the meaning of the phrase in and out?

Depending on the context, it could mean a quick stop somewhere, meaning "I'm going in, then coming right back out... in and out." It could mean that there is a back and fourth motion occurring within something, like a piston in and out of a cylander. It could also be the title of the film "In and ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase 'can it' mean?

It means, "put it in the (trash) can" -- usually figuratively, not literally. It means put an end to it, stop it. discard it and begin again I always thought it meant to shut up.

Which president gave us the phrase ok?

The phrase or word Okay or OK or O. K. is linked to President Martin Van Buren. He did not invent and there is still some question about how the word evolved . Originally spelled with periods, this term outlived most similar abbreviations owing to its use in President Martin Van Buren 's 1840 ca ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the phrase the medium is the meaning?

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase "The medium is the message" - and I'm sending you this message to reveal its meaning by illustrating his point with a literary example from an author whose masterpiece I'm trying to translate from the original French into my mother tongue, Dutch. In A la recherche ( Full Answer )

If a guy gave me a necklace what does that mean?

well if a guy gives you a necklace if you guys are dating it means he wants to take it to the next step. if a guy gives you a necklace and your just friends, it means he wants you and is scared to make the move.

What does the phrase you like turtles mean?

The phrase, " I like turtles," originated from the YouTube video where the interview lady interviewed this kid and he randomly says,"I like turtles." It doesn't mean anything really, it's just said to be funny and copy what the little boy said.

What does the phrase able bodied mean?

Vocabulary Sentences The spy investigates while her helper looks for clues. When my sister Angie, isn't home I'm solitary. Each animal and human being has its own territory. An ant's communication is very strange. Nutrients keep your body strong, healthy, and able-bodied.

What is the meaning of the phrase 'suit yourself'?

To suit yourself is to do what pleases you. You use this phrase most often when someone has expressed a desire to do something you either would not do or have no wish to do..

What does the phrase He Could Be the One mean?

he could be the one means that the man you love could be the man you will live and love forever. Now, you are probably asking this because it was on Hannah Montana. But if you aren't , then, great question!

What is the meaning of phrase 'I know from where you are coming'?

This is not a phrase we use in English. We say I know where you are coming from , which means "I understand the basis for your opinion or attitude, or the gist of your argument." And we would say I know where you come from , meaning "I am aware of your point of origin or homeland." But the phra ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase paved the way for mean?

Many things pave the way for our future... bad things! Good things! WE just have to pick out the good deeds the good hobbies rather to get or reach the right path for our future which leads us to the succeed of our life. There's a saying , 'every good deed makes someone happy'. And that saying is tr ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the phrase buxted chicken?

it is just a type of chicken Buxted is a village in Sussex where in the 1950s a man called Anthony Fisher set up a chicken farm on the American factory farming model - the first in Britain. It was this that changed chicken from being an expensive treat to the cheapest meat availabe to UK consumers. ( Full Answer )

What does gave him the ax mean?

It means that they fired him from his job. The image is of choppingsomeone out of the workplace.

What does the phrase 'au pair' mean?

"au pair" is the status of somebody working (for free or nearly for free) in an host family, often looking after the children. The food and lodging are provided by the receiving family.

What does the phrase blue collar mean?

It means working on the shop floor of a factory - often as a manual worker or mechanic. It is seen as a rung below a white collar worker who is usually employed in an office.

What does the phrase safe harbor mean?

It means people won't mess with you in that specified location. In a legal sense, it refers to a situation where you are immunefrom liability. For example, if you withhold taxes from yourpaycheck equal to what you owed last year, then you are in a "safeharbor" from estimated tax penalties, even if ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the phrase What is that about?

It's just a request for more explanation about something that hashappened. The person is wondering what just happened, what causedit, and/or why things are happening the way they are. It usuallyhas a negative connotation, as in the person thinks that it shouldnot have happened that way. You might he ( Full Answer )

What does gave at the plant mean?

Usually it means I contributed to charity through the companies' charitable vicomte program. ie. If your company supports the United Way and some of your paycheck goes towards supporting that charity. If that is the case when someone asks you if you'd like to donate to charity you can say "I gave at ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase mean mug mean?

The phrase "mean mug" is usually found in literature. The word "mug" in this context is a slang word for face and the phrase "mean mug" is generally meant to convey a description of a face as cruel, but can also describe a face that carries more scars than normal. Usually both meanings are implied. ( Full Answer )

What does he gave me a leg up mean?

Giving someone a leg up is like giving someone a hand up. It means to help someone out and give them the advantage.

What does the medical abbreviation GAVE mean?

GAVE is the abbreviation for Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia. GAVE is an uncommon cause of GI bleeding or iron deficiency anemia. The problem was first identified in 1952. 71% of all cases are diagnosed in women with the average age of 73. Gastric: stomach + pertaining to Antral: last part of t ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase 'and the stillness gave no token' mean in the poem 'The Raven'?

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering,fearing,. Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dreambefore;. But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave notoken,". The narrator has just heard a tapping at his chamber door, butnothing was outside the door. The ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase you are out there mean?

it bassically means that you will really do anything and your not afraid to do things that other people may want not do... sometimes people say it as a dare devil.... xxx

What does it mean if a friend gave you a sunflower?

The general meaning behind a friend giving you a sunflower, is a conveying of warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity. It can be a gift to lift one's spirits or to boost their spiritual faith. You must consider, however, that many people don't look for the meanings of certain flowers. They just p ( Full Answer )

What is a prepositional phrase in the sentence she gave the museum a rare sculpture?

A preposition is a word that shows position, direction, location or time. A prepositional phrase is a group of words, usually in a sentence, that contains both the preposition and the object that the is referred to by the preposition. In your example, She gave the museum a rare sculpture, there are ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase virtual office mean?

A virtual office is an online office where the staff can communicate online via Skype or other type of portal. This type of office is cost effective, but not being able to physically speak face to face in a normal office setting can be an inconvenience at times.

What is the meaning of the phrase by and by?

The meaning of the phrase by and by is over time or eventually. It means something will take place sometime on the future but not at a specified time.