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It is a little difficult to make out, but the word is "pingin", Irish for Penny. Punt is the Irish word for used for the currency in Ireland prior to the Euro, and would be seen on The £1 coin.

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Q: What does the punnn word mean on an Eire coin?
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What is the value of a 1934 Irish coin with the word eire on it?

All Irish coins have the word "Éire" on them. The value depends on the condition and the denomination.

What is a Punt coin Eire?

Éire is the Irish word for Ireland, and a Punt was an old currency of Ireland. prior to the euro.

How much is the1969 Eire?

Éire is the Irish word for Ireland. If you're asking about an Irish coin, you have to provide the year, denomination, and condition.

What is an 11 letter word for another name for Ireland?

An eleven letter word for Ireland is "Emerald Isle".

What does it mean the word Becker written on side of a continental currency coin?

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Is an Irish Eire a Penny?

No. Eire is the Irish for Ireland. Pingin is Irish for Penny.

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What does the word EIRE mean on a postage stamp?

Usually, words on stamps refer to the name of the country in the native language, or the name of the unit of money the stamp is worth. Is this case, it refers to the name of the country. The native language of Ireland is Gaelic. And while most Irish people speak English, the stamps contain the traditional Gaelic word for "Ireland." That is why the word "Eire" is found on Irish stamps.

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the English word coin is spelled 'une pièce' (fem.) in French.

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"The outskirts of town is scary and gives me an eire feeling."

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