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The range of population indicates whether the entire area is developed (urbanized) or if the population is divided between densely and sparsely populated areas. The average density may be much lower than the maximum density.

Also: The population's range is descriptive of the area that the population habitates.

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Q: What does the range of population tell you that density does not?
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Montana? The population density of Grass Range

Why is population density more useful than the figure for the total population?

Total population does not tell you how many people live in a certain area, where as population density does

What does the arithmetic population density not tell us?

It doesn't tell us anything about population distribution in individual countries.

What is allee principle all about?

The Allee Principle presents the idea that for every population of organisms within the ecosystem there is some intermediate optimal density within its optimal density range at which the population will best flourish. At the higher end of the density range, intraspecific competition (competition within a population/species) becomes heightened and resources become scarce, where as at the lower end of the optimal range we near the critical minimum density for the population at which genetic drift becomes probably due to population loss, thus some middling population density will be the most desirable for the population.hope this helps! :)

What does population density tell us about a place?

information about a place

How can you tell what the population density is of an area on a population density map?

most of the time,yea but it might depend on the map,or maybe the numbers are oddly placed.

What is the range or area occupied by a population called?

The range or area occupied by a population is itsA. Growth rate.B. Geographic distribution.C. Age structure.D.Population density.

What is inverse population density?

Inverse population density is when the population density decreases, the population growth rate also decreases. This is opposite to density dependent because here the population growth rate decreaes as population density increases.

How do you get population density?

Dividing the population by the area the population occupies gives population density.

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How can you use population density in a sentence?

A sentence for population density: The population density of Boston, Massachusetts is 13,184 people per square mile. Population density is a noun.

What is the Difference between density dependent factor and density independent factor?

A density independent factor affects the members of a population regardless of population density, whereas a Density dependent factor affects a population because of the density of the population.

How can we compute population density?

by dividing the population of the country to the square density so divide both of them and you get the population density!!

What is the population density of Germany?

No she wants to know the population DENSITY!

What is the definition of population density map?

Population density map

What does population density map show?

Population density, I guess

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Asia is the continent with the highest population density, Monaco is the country with the highest population density.

What is the population density and distribution for Portugal?

10,486.22 this is the density population and this is the distribution population 2,00465.789

What is the population and the population density of tuvalu?

Population: 11,000 Population Density: 1,100 (per square mile)

How do you measures population density?

There are two measures of population density. Arithmetic (or crude) population density is simply population/area, giving you x people per square ______. Physiological density is population/arable (farmable) land.

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