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Yin is the dark element, it is passive, dark, feminine, negative, downward-seeking, consuming and corresponds to the night.

Yang is the bright element, it is active, light, masculine, positive, upward-seeking, producing and corresponds to the daytime.

Two parts pass through each other on a line because yin and yang are never separated, such as if people do not know what bad is, they do not know what good is.

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Q: What does the red and white yin yang mean?
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What colours are yin and yang?

Black and White black is yin and white is yang

Is the yin in yin and yang white or black?

Yin is the black one with the white dot and Yang is the white one with the black dot.

What is a Yin-Yang?

A yin-yang is a circular symbol with black and white sections, representing the fusion of the concepts of yin and yang.

On the yin yang symbol which is yin and which is yang?

the one with the white spot is yang. the one with the black spot is yin.

What do the colors of yin yang mean?

Yin is black and yang is white. Yin is feminine and represents darkness, death, conservation, and earth. Yang is male and represents light, water, life, and destruction.

Is yang black or white?

Yin is black. Yang is white.

Does it matter which side the black and white is in yin yang?

i would have said no. but in the yin yang the black is on the left and white is on the right

What colour is yin?

I guess Yin is white and Yang is black.

What does the yin and yang look like?

in a circle, yin is white with a black dot, and the other half of the circle is yang. yang is black with a white dot. by: Melissa C

What does the yin side of the yin and yang mean?

Yin means either water or softness and quiet. Yin is feminine; yang is masculine. Yin is dark and accepting; yang is light and projecting. yin is the light side of the hill and yang is the dark side

Is Yin Yang the symbol of the overtaking of the dark forces by the light?

No, Yin and Yang is a symbol for light and dark. Yin is the white one which is light, and Yang is the black one for darkness.

Does the white or black represent good on the yin yang sign?

Yin represents female energy, darkness and weakness and Yang represents male energy, light and strength. The white represents the good on a yin-yang sign

What color are the yin and yang?

black and white

What colour is what in the yin and yang?

Black and white

What color is yin?

Yin is Black. Yang is white. As per the Taoist symbol.

What does the lines outside yin yang mean?

The lines represent yin and yang as the grow and fall from each other. The full lines represent yang (white) and the broken lines represent yin (black). The more full lines in the tetragram, the more yang influence. Thus, the more broken lines in the tetragram, the more yin influence.

What does yin yang mean in American?

It has no meaning to American, only Chinese. Yin is the F, Yang is the M Yin is like the evil while Yang is like the good.Forever, the aspects continues like day( Yang ) and night( Yin ), life( Yang ) and death( Yin). p.S. If Yang dies, please use [non-existy] Yang,:)

What is the story behind yin and yang?

The yin is white which symbolizes good and the yang is black which symbolizes evil. The yin yang effect is used as a balance of good and evil. Without balance, there is no world

Is Yang Black?

Yin represents female energy, darkness and weakness and Yang represents male energy, light and strength. So no Yang is not black. Yin is black and Yang is white

What does the Chinese astrology day sign in a birth chart mean?

It means Yang,as in Yin and Yang system.Check the link below. And if you see a moon,it means Yin. Yin and Yang are a pair.

What is the opposite of Yin yang?

Yang Yin.

What are the colors of yin and yang?

Ying and yang consist of two shades, black and white.

What legendary Pokemon are in white version?

the black one generally it's supposed to be like yin and yang yin = black fish with white eye yang = white fish with black eye

What does korean flag mean?

South Korea: White background = cleanliness of the people Yin and Yang = all things of the universe in balance Individual trigrams = sky, earth, moon, and sun North Korea: Red star = communism Circle = represents Yin and Yang as opposing natures Red stripe = revolutionary backgrounds Blue stripes = sovereignty, peace, and friendship White stripes = purity

What do the yin and yang animals mean?

Yang- Section on the symbol is either red or white. Described as the warm, positive, masculine, and sunny side.Yin- Section on the symbol is black. Described as as feminine, mysterious, dark, and negative.When someone says an animal is yang, they are describing the animal as like strong, noisy, masculine, or wild.When someone says an animal is yin, they are describing that animal as feminine, clever, sneaky, or mysterious.