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There are two red crosses on the Union Flag. The 'plus' cross is from the English flag and the 'multiplication' crass is from the Ulster flag.

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Q: What does the red cross on union jack mean?
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What does the red white and blue mean on the union Jack?

the red cross means St George

What does the red on the union jack signify union jack?

the cross represents saint george

What does the red on the union jack mean?

The red follows from the flag of St. George, which is a red cross on a white background.

What is the Australian flag made of?

Union jack and the southern cross. Blue , white, red

What do the shapes of the union jack mean?

The Union Jack consists of three main shapes: the cross of St. George (red cross on white background) representing England, the cross of St. Andrew (white diagonal cross on blue background) representing Scotland, and the cross of St. Patrick (red diagonal cross on white background) representing Ireland. The combination of these elements reflects the history of the United Kingdom and its constituent nations.

What is the difference between new zealand and Tongas flag?

New Zealand Flag - Royal Blue, Union Jack, Southern Cross Tongan Flag - Red, Red cross

What does the cross mean on the union flag?

Scotland is represented by the St.Andrew cross (white saltire cross on blue background). Ireland is represented by the St.Patrick cross (red saltire cross on white background). England is represented by the St. George cross (red on white background)

What is the name of the red and white cross on the Australian flag?

St George's Cross, The Flag of England, which is part of the Union Jack (or the Flag of Great Britain)

What does the color Red on the Australian flag stand for?

the man in 19027 The Southern Cross are stars of a constellation which can be seen prominently in the southern hemisphere . It is widely used as a cultural national symbol in Australia .

What do the symbols on the union jack mean?

The red cross that goes up and down and across is the cross of St George (patron saint of England). The red cross that goes diagonally is the cross of St Patrick (patron saint of Ireland). The white cross that also goes diagonally, on a blue background, is the cross of St Andrew (patron saint of Scotland)

What did the colonial flag look like?

These were probably the three most used flags in colonial America. 1: The "Union Jack". It was identical to the UK's current flag, but the X behind the cross in the union Jack had no red stripes. 2: The Red Ensign. It had the Union Jack in the canton (like the American flag's white stars) and the rest was red. 3: The Continental Colors. It was identical to the American flag, but where the stars are today there was a Union Jack.

Why does England's rugby team use a white flag with a red cross in it and not the Union Jack?

Because they are representing England, not the United Kingdom. The Union Flag combines the three flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The red cross is St George's Cross, which is the English flag) as opposed to the British flag which combined (hence the word UNION) England, Wales and Scotland. However, it is incorrect to refer to it as a "Union Jack" It should be refered to as a "Union Flag" - it is only called a "Union Jack" when the flag is hung from a JACK pole (on naval ships). == == Actually, the Union flag does include Northern Ireland's St. Patrick's cross, the red saltire, as well as St. Andrew's white saltire, and St. George's red cross. Only Wales is not represented. The political union of Scotland and England happened in 1707. This is why Scotland plays under the flag of St. Andrew and the Welsh under the Dragon. Whereas when playing for Great Britain (as with the Olympics) they play under the Union Flag.