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The red on the Australian flag means the sun on the neverending British Empire.

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Q: What does the red on the Australian flag mean?
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What are the colors on the Australian flag?

The colors on the Australian flag are red, blue and white.

What does the red and white design on the upper right hand corner of the Australian flag mean?

If you refer to the Blue, Red and White design on the upper left of the Australian flag, it is the Union Jack indicating Australia's heritage.

Where is which colour in the Australian flag?

THe background of the australian flag is blue. The cross is red and white. The stars are white.

What are the colors of the Australian aboriginal flag?

The main colours of the Australian Aboriginal flag are black, red and a yellow circle in the centre.

What colour is the Australian flag?

Red, Blue and white

What are the colours on the Australian flag?

Blue,red and white.

What colours are there on the Australian flag?

Red white and blue

What does the color Red on the Australian flag stand for?

The red colour in the upper left corner of the Australian flag is the Union Jack, this denotes Australia's historical links with Britain.

What are the colours of the Australian flag?

Blue, red and white.Australia's flag colours are blue, red and white.Red, Blue and white

What are the colors of the Australian flag?

The Australian Flag is mainly blue, with six white stars, and a white rectangle on the top with a red cross and a red and blue X inside it. red,white,and blue

What does the red flag mean in soccer?

there is no red flag in soccer!

What does the yellow circle mean on the australian flag?

It means that it's the center of the flag...

What does the colors represent on the Australia flag?

The 3 main colours on the Australian flag red, white and blue mean different things. Red- strength and bravery. White- peace and honesty. Blue- truth and loyalty.

What does Red Flag mean?

what does red flag means on wet ground

What does the phrase orange flag or red flag mean?

Depending on the sport red flag could mean stop in NASCAR. Other than that i don't recall orange flag or red flag existing.

What does the white on the Australian flag mean?

peace and honesty

What does the Australian flag mean to people not from England?


What name is the blue white red flag?

There are several blue, white and red flags, the Union Flag (Union Jack) is blue , white and red flag of the UK, as is the Australian flag, the New Zealand flag and the US flag which also known as the Stars and Stripes.

What is the red cross on the Australian flag called?

It's the Union Jack.

Red blue and what colour are on the Australian Flag?

they also have white stars

What are the stars in ausralia's flag mean?

the stars on the australian flag symbolise the southern cross.

In what year did the Australian flag become the Australian flag?

The Australian flag was first flown as the Australian flag in 1901. The flag was simplified, and approved by King Edward VII in 1902.

What does the red mean on the jamaican flag?

LOL, The Jamaican flag doesn't have the color of red on the flag It has black,green and gold.However, the rastafarians have red in their flag.

The red flag in football mean?

Challenge Flag

Irish flag what does the red part mean?

There is no red on the Irish flag. The Irish flag is green, white and orange.