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Once the vehicle is secured:

  1. Reports it to the local police department
  2. Takes it to the storage facility
  3. Fills out a condition report of any damage and mileage
  4. Removes and inventories personal property left in it, if any
  5. Stores the car until it is redeemed by the debtor (usually for a fee) or transported to auction
  6. Stores the personal property until it is redeemed (usually for a fee) or until the deadline for pickup is reached (varies by state, usually 30 days).
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Q: What does the repo agency do to the car when they repo it?
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Can they repo your car in you are in another state?

Yes. However, the agency conducting the repo needs to be licenced to operate in the state you are in.

How do you get a car repoed witthout owner knowing?

Unless you have a lien on the car, you have no rights as far as repossessing the vehicle goes. If you send a repo agency - even as a joke - and they collect the car while you have no legal claim to it - then both you and the repo agent have committed theft.

When does a reposession affect your credit score?

it will be on there as soon as the order gets sent to the repo company, they are the collection agency. after they repo ur car and it gets sold at auction ur credit score will change .

Is there a fee to retrieve your possession from the repossessed car?

The repo agency will likely charge a "storage fee" for those items when you go to get them back.

How can Ifind out how much your car sold for after repo at the auction?

Contact the lender or the repossession agency in writing and request a copy of the report of sale.

Will able to purchase a car after a repo?

Will i be able to purchase another car later on if my car is repo

Can your car be repo after 38 day's?

can my car be repo 38 day's in default?

Is an ATV repo the same as a car repo?


Can you get an apartment with a car repo?

Q:Can you get an apartmet with a car repo? A: All apartments come without a car repo option. Sometimes you can negotiate utilities, however

Is there a repo list in Illinois to see if your car is on it?

want to know if my car is on a repo list

Is there anyway to repo a car without reporting it stolen if your sibling has the car and is not making payments on it?

If the sibling has the car with permission, you CANT report it stolen. If you are listed on the TITLE as owner or co-owner, go get the car. If you are listed as leinholder, have some type of proof that sibling is in DEFAULT of a loan using the car as collateral, go get it or hire a repo agency to get it.

If another car is blocking the repo car can they make you move it?

Yes, afterall, the repo-car is still the legal property of the person who has sent the repo-guy to retrieve it.

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