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The revelation that Montag has many books hidden in his home tells us that he is curious, rebellious, and questioning of the status quo. It shows that he is willing to take risks in order to seek knowledge and challenge the oppressive society he lives in.

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Q: What does the revelation that montag has so many books hidden in his home tell us about him?
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What was montag afraid would be discovered in his home?

Montag was afraid the books he stole would be discovered in his home.

What is Mildred's betrayal in Fahrenheit 451?

She tells on Montag for having books in the house. ____________________________ Actually, Mildred didn't tell on Montag. There were two reasons why Montag was caught. The first is that the women that were over that night told the firemen that he had the books, and the second is that the mechanical hound found the books that Montag had hidden in his backyard for safe keeping. Mildred didn't tell anyone, but did leave when the fire truck came.

Who was the informant on Montag's home?

The informant on Montag's home was Mildred, his wife. She reported him for having books, leading to the authorities arriving to burn his house.

Who betrays montag?

Montag is betrayed by his wife, Mildred, who reports him to the authorities for having books in their home. This leads to Montag's discovery, capture, and escape from the oppressive society he lives in.

What does Montag do to the Black family?

Montag burns the Black family along with their home as ordered by his fire chief, Captain Beatty, since possessing and reading books is illegal in their society.

What does Montag's toaster do in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451, Montag's toaster has a mechanical hound hidden inside that is designed to replace Montag in his house if he decides to run away or leave. It serves as a reminder of the society’s surveillance and control over individuals.

Why did montag burn the book of poetry in the wall incinerator in his home?

Montag burned the book of poetry in the wall incinerator because Faber had told him he would no longer help him if he didn't.

What page did mildred try to turn montag in?

Mildred tried to turn Montag in on page 127 of the novel "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. She reported him for having books in their home.

Fahrenheit 451 where did montag hide the book he took from Mrsblake's house?

After meeting Clarisse and how she had a different point of view on the world, he realized that he doesn't want to live in a society where it is forbidden to talk abut his thoughts and learn about anything new

Is Montag in trouble for taking a book home with him?

Yes because have books is against the law if found he can go to jail

Who was informant on montags home?

Mildred, Montag's wife, was the informant on montag's home.

Where does guy from Fahrenheit 451 hide his books?

Guy Montag, the main character in Fahrenheit 451, hides his books in the air conditioning ducts in his home. He also memorizes some of the books to preserve their contents.