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it means mean ol' meanyit means mean ol' meany

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Q: What does the saying 'two dogs' mean?
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What does two dogs mean?

'Two Dogs' can mean that the two dogs are doing something or whatever. 'Two Dogs' can even mean that there are two dogs in the room, it's not that hard to decode you know.

Are all cats non dogs?

If non-dogs mean creatures that are not dogs then all cats are non-dogs, yes.Cats and dogs are two completely different species.There are many cats who think they are dogs (only when it suits them) and vice versa, that is why there is a saying: Dogs have Masters, Cats have slaves!!

What does the dogs number mean in a dog show?

It organizes the dogs instead of saying their names they give them numbers and it means what order the dogs are in.

What does sheets of water mean?

It is a saying for it is POURING outside. Just like saying "it's raining cats and dogs"

How do people know what dogs are saying?

People can tell what dogs are saying by the dogs body language.

Dogs head tilting to one side?

umm i don't know what you mean by this question i think you meant why do do dogs tilt their heads to one side the answer to that is they are listening to what you are saying trying to figure out the word's you are saying.

What does the saying let sleeping dogs lie mean?

It means don't stir up trouble.

What does lay the dogs to you mean?

When people say " I have to or I layed my dog down" they are saying that they had to or have to kill there dog.

How are dogs and mice different?

Dogs and mice are two different animals in the earth.... thats like saying whats the difference between humans and giraffes. ALOT

What does it mean when you dream two angry dogs?

your mad at your feet

How do you spell dogs as a possessive?

If you mean something belonging to one dog, as in "the dog's mouth", like that. If you mean something belonging to two or more dogs, as in "All dogs' mouths", like that.

How do dogs understand what your saying?

you have to train them

What happens if dogs' noses aren't wet?

It doesn't mean anything! If a dogs nose is wet then that mean he/she just licked it! If a dogs nose is not wet then he/she did not just lick it! That thing where people are saying the dog doesn't feel well or its sick! It doesn't mean anything so DONT be worried

If two dogs get stuck together does that mean that the girl dog is pregnant?


Why do dogs lick other dogs parts?

its a way of saying hello i think

Why do dogs sniff their butts?

its a dogs way of being polite and saying"hi!"

What is the kindest animal in history?

DOGS! There is a saying "Dogs are a mans best friend!"

Do dogs talk by barking?

Well like humans have a way to speak so do dogs and they bark sometimes you can't really understand what they are saying but most of the time people know what they mean.

Does the saying go out mean like taking the person out?

If you mean by killing, then no. 'Going out' is another way of saying that two people are boyfriend and girlfriend, or that your going on a date with someone.

What does metaphor mean?

It saying two unlike things are alike using the words is, are

Why do dogs beg?

It is their way of saying "please."

Is it he has two dogs or he have two dogs?

he has

Can dogs really hear what your saying?

I think they can My dog can defiantly tell what I'm saying to her

Why were dogs made?

What do you mean? Do you mean why were they bred? If so, then mainly for two reasons: human enjoyment and hunting.

What determines a female dogs physical characteristics?

Hint look at the bottom of the female dog i am just saying and also female dogs sit down when they use the restroom male dogs lift up there leg. i know this because i have two dogs a male and female.