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The serial number on a dollar bill and other currency refers to the note series, and the Federal Reserve bank that issued the note. The serial number is used to keep track of currency.

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What does BC26888873B mean on a 20 dollar bill?

This is the serial number. Each bill has a unique serial number that identifies it.

Can you look up a specific two dollar bill?

You can look up a two dollar bill, but if you mean specific as in serial number, you are the only one that possesses that specific two dollar bill with that certain serial number.

What does a q mean on a dollar bill?

Qs are printed as part of the serial number on older 1 dollar bills. It doesn't mean anything.

What does it mean when you find a dollar bill with your birth date in the serial number?

It means that you have too much time on your hands! ~SonnieB

What does a star beside serial number on 10 dollar mean?

A star next to the serial number on any US bill means that the original note with that number was damaged in printing, and the star note is the replacement.

What do the numbers on the dollar bills mean?

There are many numbers on the dollar bill. The most prominent ones are the amount of the currency. There is also a row of numbers on the front and back of the bill that contains the individual serial number for that particular bill.

What is the Value of 5 dollar bill with consecutive serial numbers?

The value of a five dollar bill is five dollars. It's not clear what you mean by "consecutive serial numbers." If you mean that the bill's serial number looks like "12345678" or something, then a collector might be willing to pay a small premium for it as a curiosity. If you mean that you have two or more five dollar bills where the serial numbers are consecutive, they're worth five dollars each, period.

What does the serial number K45688828C mean on a US 1 dollar bill?

It has no particular meaning. Serial numbers are counters and a security feature; they're printed sequentially so your bill is simply one of many billions.

Is a twenty dollar bill with a star in the end of the serial numbers worth any money?

The star at the end of the serial number means that when the original bill was printed it had a defect in the serial number and had to be destroyed. Because no two bills can be printed with the "same" serial number the new bill printed in its place has a star at the end to signify that it's a replacement for the destroyed bill. Having a bill with a star on it can mean that it's worth a couple dollars more unless it's a collectors item.

What does a star next to the seriel number mean on a 1935 silver dollar certificate?

A star in a serial number on any U.S. banknote indicates that the original bill with that number was damaged, and the star note is the replacement.

What does the star on a us dollar bill mean?

A star at the end of a number means that at one point in time, there was a dollar bill with the same number on it. Because of resons unknown, the government burned the dollar bill, and made another dollar with the same number, adding the star.CorrectionHere is the statement from the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing regarding star notes: When an imperfect note is detected during the manufacturing process after the serial number has been overprinted, it must be replaced with a new note. A "star" note is used to replace the imperfect note. Reusing that exact serial number to replace the imperfect note is costly and time consuming. The "star" note has its own special serial number followed by a star in place of a suffix letter.The serial number of the imperfect note that was removed is not used again in the same numbering sequence.

Why are serial numbers on dollar bills?

I have a 2 dollar bill with Jefferson on it, serial number B 06184684 A. The 2's are in silver, the writing unites states of America, two dollars, and behind Jefferson's head are also in silver. What does this mean and what is the value, it is uncirculated, Series 2003 A with green seal.

What does a star mean on a 20 dollar bill following the serial number?

It means the note is a replacement note, usually to correcy a printing error. This star does not mean the note is worth any more than the denomination printed on it

What does it mean if a dollar bill has an X at the beginning of its serial number?

Nothing special. It just means that the serial number sequence wound pretty far down. There was a long stretch of time when there was no change in the offices of the U.S. Treasurer or Secretary of the Treasury, so mountains of $1 bills were printed in the same series. It nearly exhausted the set of possible serial number / letter combinations.

What person is on the 1 dollar bill?

It would depend on which countries dollar bill you mean.

Does the number 16760 on a confederate states of America 500 dollar bill mean it is a replica?

yes it is http://en.allexperts.com/q/Coin-Collecting-2297/500-dollar-bill-confederate.htm

What does the star mean on a silver certificate dollar bill?

A star means that the original bill bearing that serial number had a defect and was destroyed. Because bills are printed in large groups it's impractical to reprint specific serial numbers. Instead, a new set of serial numbers is started and a star is added to indicate that these notes are replacements. Collectors generally prefer star notes and it may make the bill be worth a bit more.

What does round dollar mean?

A dollar coin, as opposed to a paper bill.

What do each number mean or how to read a serial number?

If you mean a serial number on some product, it depends on what the product is. Each company can makes serial numbers mean anything they want it too.

What does the serial number on one dollar bill supposed to mean and how do you know if it has a misprint?

The serial number is simply a sequential number telling in what order the bill was printed with respect to others. It also includes a letter prefix indicating what Federal Reserve district the bill was printed for. Common serial number misprints include: > A stuck counter. There are two counter wheels (kind of like old-fashioned car odometer wheels) that rotate to print the numbers on each part of the bill. If one sticks, the two serial numbers will not be identical. > Inverted or back-sided serial numbers. Serial numbers are printed as part of a separate pass through a press. If the paper is accidentally fed upside down or backwards the numbers will not appear in the usual places. Both of these errors can be worth over $100.

What do the letters mean on each dollar bill?

The big letter to the left of Washington's portrait indicates the Federal Reserve branch where the bill was originally distributed. The same letter is found at the beginning of the serial number. The last letter indicates how many runs of serial numbers have been used, where A is the first, B is second, and so on. Then there will be a tiny letter and number, such as J5 or FW D191, which is the plate position during printing.

Is my 1977 US 100 dollar bill with a star at the end of the serial number worth a lot of money?

If it's a modern bill it may be worth a bit more than $100, but not a lot* more. Some people collect so-called "star notes" so you might get 5 to 10 percent above face value for it, more if the bill is uncirculated or with an older (e.g. pre-1970) date.The star at the end of the serial number means that when the original bill was printed it had a defect in the serial number and had to be destroyed. Because no two bills can be printed with the "same" serial number the new bill printed in its place has a star at the end to signify that it's a duplicate of the destroyed bill.FWIW there's no such word as "alot". There's a lot and allot, but they mean very different things.

Who is one the 1 bill?

If you mean "on" the one dollar bill...it is George Washington

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