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you will see gods front door....... enjoy (tehe)

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What do Pluto look like?

pluto is a yellowish color

Why does Pluto look like the moon?

Pluto does not look like the moon, unless you have a very big imagination. Pluto is brown and white, and covered with ice.

What color is the sky or Pluto?

The sky- Blue Pluto- ????I always thought is was blue...??????

What do the sun look like from the surface of the Pluto?

From the distance of Pluto, the Sun would look like a very bright star.

Where is Pluto in the sky?

in dwarf planet pluto

What does Pluto look like on the inside?

Pluto is believed to have a liquid water core.

What planets look like stars?


What does it look like on Pluto?

its relly big

What does the terrain of Pluto look like?

Pluto is thought to resemble Neptune's moon Triton.

From Pluto would the sky appear blue red or black?

Pluto is not a planet anymore, but the sky would be black

Fun fact about Pluto?

From Pluto, the sun would look like a tiny insignificant speck.

What the outside of Pluto look like?

It looks like space! A dark world. It is where no man has ever been before, Pluto.

What does Pluto look like?

Pluto is light brown in color, having a highly reflective, icy surface.

What does Pluto look like inside?

Pluto has a big rocky core, an icy mantle, and an icy surface.

What does Pluto look like from earth?

I think pluto looks like a big, bright yellow-ish orange star in the sky

What does the sky look like when it rains?

Like rain

What does the sky look like on Jupiter?


What does Colorado look like from the sky?


What do mesopotamia houses look like?

they look like airplains in the night sky like shooting stars

What color does Pluto appear in the night sky?


What are the same about the earth and Pluto?

They both live in the sky!!

How does the sky look like when the air pressure is low?

it will look cloudy

Where and when in the sky do you see Pluto?

In a telescope, at night; you could look at a table of ephemera to see when and where to look in detail. You can't see it with the naked eye, it's far too faint.

What does the planet Pluto look like?

light brown with a reflective icy surface

What do you think Pluto will look like if its orbit brought it close to the Sun?

Pluto is similar in composition to a comet. If it were to pass close to the sun it would gain a comet-like tail.

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