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It gives us an indication of its solubility in water. A large solubility constant (Ksp) means it is easily water-soluble. A small Ksp means it is generally insoluble in water.

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The solubility product constant of compound is an indication about the solubility and dissociation.

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What is aqueous silver nitrate and potassium bromide combine to form a precipitate?

When a substance is aqueous, it means that it is dissolved in water. In aqueous reactions, the reaction is always a double replacement reaction, meaning one ion of a compound will switch with an ion from the other compound. A precipitate is an substance that is not soluble in water, meaning it cannot be dissolved. You can tell whether or not a substance is precipitate using a solubility chart. Therefore, using a solubility chart, we can tell that the product silver bromide will be the precipitate and the product potassium nitrate will be aqueous.

The solubility of a substance tell what about it?

the solubility of a substance can only tell what about it, when the substance is bean identify e.g the solubility of sugar in water.

Does solubility tell you how fast a solute will dissolve?

Solubility does not tell you how fast a solute dissolves. Solubility is the measure of how much solute a solvent will accept.

What does the solubility of a substance tell you?

The solubility of a substance tells you when conditions change i think x

How can you tell if an ionic compound does not dissociate?

If the dissociation constant of an ionic compound to a particular solvent is a lower value, it is less likely to dissolve in the given solvent. The dissociation values are been tabulated.

What does the law of composition tell us?

the law of constant composition tells us that a given compound always have the same composition. regradless of where it comes from.

What does the law of constant composition tell us?

A compound always contains the same elements in the same proportions by mass. This is a formal way of saying that a compound always has the same formula, no matter how it is made or where it is found.

What does the solubility of a substance tell us?

the solubility of a substance tells us how much solute you can dissolve before a solution becomes saturated.

How can you tell when you reach the solubility of salt in water?

You reach the solubility of salt in water when the salt stops dissolving and settles at the bottom, no matter how hard you try to mix it. You can increase solubility by increasing the water temperature.

Is this a compound subject or compound predicate for He or she could tell you?

The statement "He or she could tell you" has a compound subject - there are two nouns preceding the verb. A compound predicate would be "He could tell you about airplanes or about trains."

What does solubility tell you?

The solubility is the total quantity of a solute dissolved in a given volume of solvent (100 mL or 1 L) at a given temperature and pressure.

Would Solubility tell you how fast a solute will dissolve true or false?

solubility is a measurement that describes how much solute dissolves in a given amount of the solvent.

What is stainless steel solubility in water?

CAN enyone tell me is steel souble in water

What affect solubility of brown sugar?

it is so simple 1st of all i'll tell u sugar's natural colour is white when the vitamins added to it the solubility despiers.

In a formula for a compound what do the numbers tell you?

the numbers are what is in a compound number

What does a compound's formula tell about the compound?

The chemical composition of the compound

Is Uranium a compound tell its elements?

Uranium is not a compound. It is an element.

Will sodium dioxide dissolve in water?

First of all the compound is improperly named, the greek prefix is not used when naming an ionic compound (A combination of a metal and a nonmetal) I believe the compound in question is actually sodium peroxide NaO2. The answer to this question is quite simple the solubility rules tell us that all salts of the alkali metal cations are soluble in water (Sodium is an alkali metal).

How can you tell whether a compound is organic or not?

You can tell that a compound is organic by seeing if it contain a carbon atom with a hydrogen atom.

Can you tell me about compound creation?

a compound creation is something made of atoms.

How can you tell whether a solid is soluble or not?

In chemistry, there are several rules for solubility which enable you to tell whether a solid is soluble by looking at the formula of the solid.

Can you tell a product by listing ingredients?

Yes, you can. Like you can tell a product is for acne when there is sulfer, methanol, etc.

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