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"As you see" if used as a statement. (coh-moh VEHS) "What do you think?" if used as a question. (COH-moh vehs?)

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Q: What does the spanish words como vez mean in English?
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What does como esta quien mean in english?

The Spanish words 'Como esta tu cabeza' translate into English as the words 'How is your head'. These words are said in Italian as 'Com e la tua testa'.

What do the spanish words como puedo pagar mean?

how can I pay

What is the English translation of the Spanish phrase 'Como se dice'?

It can either mean "What is his/her name?" (if it's used informally) OR It can mean "What is your name?" (If it's used formally). Usually if it's this one, Llama is followed by Usted/Ud, which is the clarifies between the informal and formal states. OR It can mean what it literally means: How are/is you/he/she/it called?

What does the Spanish term Como la Manda mean in English?

It means "as the lead"

What does como se pone mean in spanish?

"Como se pone" in Spanish can mean "how is it worn" or "how do you put it on," depending on the context. It is a phrase commonly used when asking how to use or wear something.

What does 'Como te fue hoy' mean in English?

'Como te fue hoy' translates to "How was your day today?" in English.

What does si como no yo so espanol mean?

Si como no yo so espanol in English means if you like Spanish so I do not.

What does como se llama padre mean in spanish?

It can be translated to english as followed. How do you call father ?

What does como estaba la escuela mean?

The term Como estaba la escuela translated from Spanish to English is as was the school. Spanish is a Romance language that originated in Castile, a region of Spain.

What does yo pregunta como mo yamo mean in English?

The Spanish is incorrect. It should be: "Yo pregunto como me llamo" and it means "I ask what my name is".

What does como tu mean?

IT CAN BE TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH AS FOLLOWED. Like you, this is also very popular spanish album.

What does tambien hablo ingles como quieras mean?

It means "I also speak English as you wish" in Spanish.