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60 is the dimension for the diameter of ring. I just bought one with a diameter 59 DAU is the surname of the designer who makes jewellery. He works from Berlin, Germany

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Q: What does the stamp DAU 60 on a ring mean?
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What is number 720 mean on my ring?

It means that its between 14k and 18k that it has about 60%-70% GOLD in it.

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What does 20 on a gold diamond ring mean?

well my ring is a .60 and is stamped 60 so im assuming it means you have a .20 stoneAnother AnswerThe markings on the metal cannot be trusted to reflect any information about the stone mounted in it. Metal markings give information about the metal.

How much for a Eddie rickenhacker stamp?

The US Eddie Rickenbacker stamp is Scott number 2998. It is a 60 cent stamp. It has a catalog listing of $1.40 in mint condition and 50 cents used.

How do you know if a ring is white gold or platinum?

There are several ways to tell if a ring is white gold or platinum. The first and easiest way to tell what a ring is, look for the hallmark inside the ring. If you notice a 10k or .475 stamp, it means that it is 10k gold (or 47.5% gold). If there is a 14k or .585 stamp inside, it means its 14k gold (or 58.5% gold). If you see a 18k or .750 stamp, its 18k gold (or 75% gold). If you see a stamp that says PLAT, or is stamped .950 or .900, then it is a platinum ring. There are other ways to tell if it is platinum or white gold as well. Platinum is usually 60% heavier than 14k gold. So take a ring that you KNOW is gold and compare it with the weight of the ring in question. If the ring in question is much heavier than the gold ring, then it is most likely platinum. Additionally, if the ring in question has a yellow or tarnished look to it, then it is most likely gold. If you're still unsure, just take it to your local jeweler and ask them to test it for you. They should have several techniques they can use to determine what metal it is. If you don't feel like going out of the house and still need some clarification, there is a great tutorial of precious metals that you can access at the link below this posting. I hope this helps, and good luck!

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How big is a 60 point diamond ring?

A 60-point diamond weighs just over half a carat (.50 carats). The size of the ring is not related to the weight of the diamond.

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2 diamond rings and 4 silver rings cost 1440.A diamond ring and a silver ring cost much does a silver ring cost?


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The Scott catalog number for this stamp is 2125 . The Star Route Truck was not issued in 1910, it was issued about 1985. The truck was made in 1866. The stamp can be purchased for 60 cents both used and mint.

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If you mean 25% of 60 then it is 15

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The first number is the ring gauge. The girth. The second number is the length. So, a 60 x 6 would be a cigar 1" x 6" long.

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Can anyone identify a stamp that has posta ceskoslovenska on the top red with a man's head on it and has Haleru 60 at the bottom?

It is from Czechoslovakia.