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Capable of, worthy of, fit for, tending, given, or liable to. Same as the suffix -able.

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it capable of

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Q: What does the suffix -ible mean?
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Related questions

What does the suffix in credible mean?

The suffix in incredible is -ible. It means the ability to.

What words has the suffix ible?

The suffix ible means the ability to. Some words with this suffix are flexible and incredible.

What does the suffix -ible mean in the word irresistible and is it an adverb or adjective?

The suffix -ible is a form of -able and means the ability to. Irresistible is an adjective.

Words that have the suffix ible?

agoshin ible

Suffix of passible?


Is illegible a suffix?

Illegible is not a suffix itself. -ible, however, is a suffix in illegible.

What does the suffix -iable mean?

The suffix -able or -ible means the ability to. One common word with this is flexible.

What is the suffix in responsible?


Suffix for irreversible?


What is the suffix in incredible?


What is the suffix of irresistible?


What is the suffix of irresponsible?

-si and -ble are the suffixes of irresponsible

What does the suffix ible mean in the word reversible?

It means capable of doing something

What is the suffix for irresponsible?


What is the base word and suffix of the word terrible?

the suffix is ible.

What suffix means capable of being?

The suffix -able (or -ible).

What is the suffix of the word impossible?

The suffix of the word impossible is IBLE.

Suffix of word irreversible?


What is the suffix in the word flexible?


What is the suffix of the word irreversible?


What is the suffix for the word flexible?

the suffix is ible

What is the suffix in deductible?

The suffix is -ible which means "something which can be" [whatever the prefix says].

What does the prefix ible mean?

ible is not a prefix, its a suffix (used at the end of a word/term) Words misspelled with -able Reproducible Words misspelled with -ible Indispensable

What is the prefix and suffix of responsible?

The prefix is re-. The suffix is -ible.

What is the suffix of indestructible?


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