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There is no such suffix in Hebrew.

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Q: What does the suffix iz mean in Hebrew?
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What does the Hebrew word palenkecha mean in English?

This does not appear to be a Hebrew word, although the suffix -echa could mean "your".

What does the Hebrew word palenkekha mean?

This is not a recognizable Hebrew word, although there is a suffix -ekha in Hebrew that means your. Could this possibly be mispelled, or a comination of two words.

What does yahoo ed mean in ancient Hebrew?

"yahoo" has no meaning in Hebrew, except as a suffix in names (-yahu), in which case it means God."ed" (עד) is the Hebrew word for witness (it's the same word in both Modern Hebrew and Ancient Hebrew.

What does Yahsharya mean in Hebrew?

If this is a name, it apears to mean "God is right" yashar (ישר) = right or straight yah (יה) = a suffix meaning God.

What does suffix in mean?

There is no suffix in mean.

What does yah mean in Hebrew?

As a stand-alone word, it is a slang term that means "oh dear" or "gosh". As a suffix, it means "God".

What does the name abramovitch mean in Hebrew?

the name abramovitch is not a Hebrew name. It's a combination of the Hebrew name Abram (אברם) which was Abraham's name before he was blessed, and the slavic suffix -vitch. Abram means "high father" -vitch means "son of"

What does a suffix mean on a application?


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What does o- mean for a suffix?

O- is not a suffix.

What does the suffix -aphy mean?

What does the suffix of aphy

What does suffix pan mean?

the suffix pan mean complete or contains everything