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The symbol, Cu, on the periodic table means Copper.

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Cu is Copper!Cu - is the symbol for copper.

Cu is the symbol for copper on the periodic table.

Cu is the symbol for the element copper.

Cu is the periodic table symbol for copper

The international chemical symbol for copper is Cu. This symbol is derived from the Latin name of copper, cuprum.

Brass is an alloy of the elements copper and zinc. Alloys do not appear on the periodic table. Copper is an element with the symbol Cu and zinc is an element with the symbol Zn. They both appear on the periodic table.

Cu means the metal copper.It is a d block element.

The chemical symbol for copper is "Cu" and its atomic number is 29.

on the periodic table,what element is represented by the letters ''cu''

Brass is not included in the periodic table as it is not an element. It is an alloy made up of Zinc and Copper. Their symbols are "Zn" and "Cu" respectively.

copper in the periodic table is Cu

AnswerIf you saw it in a hospital it stands for Care Unit.CU stands for Colorado University.Cu is the symbol for Copper on the periodic table of elements.CU means 'See You' when texting.

Cu stands for copper in periodic table. It is placed in group-11 and period-4 of the periodic atble.

Cu is copper. Copper is a common transition metal, #29 on the periodic table. Its symbol is Cu because the ancient name for it was "cuprum."

The Latin name of copper is Cuprum. If you'd like the symbol of it from the periodic table, it is 'Cu'.

Copper has 29th place in periodic table.It has atomic number of 29.It is a very ductile metal represented by symbol Cu.

Cu stands for copper in the periodic table.

Many elements on the periodic table got there chemical symbol from the latin name of the element. For example. Copper's chemical symbol is Cu, even though there is no u in copper. This is because in latin, Copper is "cuprum." Cuprum is Copper, which has the symbol Cu.

Atom number 29 on the periodic table is Copper. Its symbol is Cu. Its in the fourth period and the eleventh group/family.

Copper is the element in 4th period that has 29 electrons. Its symbol is Cu.

Copper is in the top-right of the transition metals section of the table, in between zinc and nickel. The symbol is Cu and the atomic number is 29.

They are symbols that are in the periodic table. He = Helium Cu = Copper Hg = Mercury

Cu stands for copper. It is placed in group 11.

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