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What does the term 'A-Stamp' mean?

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A-Stamp means a rubber like personlized message. This allow's the user to quickly apply the information they want created to easily be placed where necessary. Example, many companies or school's use A-Stamp's for address's, or signature's. Another possibility is that this phrase may be used to differentiate A-Stamp from several stamps, those stamps, or more stamps than that. The rubber stamp answer is probably closer to being correct.

The A rate Postage Stamp

Face value refers to the value that is printed on the face of the stamp.

If you have a stamp that has no value printed on it, visit the USPS link, which provides a picture of all the non-denominated stamps and their face value. They are still valid for postage. The USPS is in going to issue a 'Forever' stamp, that will be worth the same as a 1st class stamp regardless of the future cost. It isn't expected to be a good investment hedge!

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