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Q: What does the term Ambulatory Care mean?
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When was Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic created?

Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic was created in 1991.

What has the author Dale S Benson written?

Dale S. Benson has written: 'Excellence in ambulatory care' -- subject(s): Ambulatory Care, Ambulatory medical care, Health Care Quality Assurance, Quality control, Standards

What is considered ambulatory care?

Ambulatory care refers to healthcare services that are provided on an outpatient basis, meaning patients do not require hospitalization. This can include routine check-ups, diagnostic tests, minor procedures, and treatments that allow patients to return home the same day. Ambulatory care settings can include clinics, urgent care centers, physician offices, and ambulatory surgery centers.

What is an ambulatory care setting?

It is typically a clincal facility where patients are able to arrive for treatment on their own without the need to be transported by ambulance to and from their appointment. The term ambulatory means to be able to move about and not be confined to a bed.

What has the author Don Griffin written?

Don Griffin has written: 'Outside the hospital' -- subject(s): Methods, Ambulatory medical care, Ambulatory Care, Delivery of Health Care

Is the anesthesia used in ambulatory care surgery different from the anesthesia in major surgeries?

anesthetics is used in ambulatory

Describe three Ambulatory care settings and their purposes?

There are numerous settings in which ambulatory care can happen in the US. One is an actual ambulance. Another setting is a hospital or doctors office. Ambulatory care can also take place in a field or parking lot.

What has the author Barbara A Jackson written?

Barbara A. Jackson has written: 'Provision of ambulatory health care services to the poor' -- subject(s): Ambulatory medical care, Bibliography, Medical care, Poor

Do A patiente in a hospice center receive ambulatory care?

No, they do not as it is considered aggressive care.

What has the author Sue Schilling written?

Sue Schilling has written: 'Wisconsin ambulatory medical care survey, 1986-1987' -- subject(s): Ambulatory medical care, Medical care, Medical care surveys, Statistics

What has the author Charles G Oakes written?

Charles G. Oakes has written: 'The walking patient and the health crisis' -- subject(s): Ambulatory Care, Ambulatory medical care, Delivery of Health Care

What has the author Linda F McCaig written?

Linda F. McCaig has written: 'National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey' -- subject(s): Statistics, Physician services utilization, Ambulatory medical care, Medical care surveys, Utilization 'Plan and operation of the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Survey' -- subject(s): Hospitals, Medical care surveys, National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (U.S.), Outpatient services, Research