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a condition that may result from renal insufficiency or drinking extraordinary amounts of water

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Q: What does the term hypotonic hydration refer to?
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What is 0.45 percent naCl used for?

This is a hypotonic solution used for the hydration of the organism and to improve the sodium.

What are hypotonic intravenous fluids?

The body fluids shift out of the blood vessels and into the interstitial space. These fluids are used for re-hydration.

Define the term dehydration?

Loss\removal of hydration\water.

What examples are there of hypo-tonic drinks?

Hypotonic sports drinks: Examples - Water, Slazenger S1 - Hypotonic drinks are best used for rapid hydration. Most are lacking in electrolytes, and are therefore not optimum for exclusive use during long bouts of exercise (greater than 30 minutes).

What is the scientific term for the appearance of elodea cells placed in a hypotonic solution?


To what does the term coed refer?

to what does the term coed refer

What is a hydration jack?

It is when someone uses water to give them a orgasm. (sexual term)

What is a medical condition caused by hypotonic?

Hypotonic cerebral palsy is a medical condition that is caused by hypotonic. Another disorder that is caused by hypotonic is hypotonic hyponatremia.Ê

Which term is used to describe an animal's ability to survive if the cells are exposed to a hypotonic or hypertonic environment?


What is a solution that contains relatively little dissolved solute?

Hypotonic solution.The root "hypo" means "less", so since the solution has less solutes it takes the name hypotonic.

Is salt hypotonic?

Yes salt is hypotonic.

A cell would plump with water and possibly lyse in what solutions?

hypotonic solution