What does the term irritant mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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how irritated someone gets... it depends what you are talking about sorry :)

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Q: What does the term irritant mean?
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What does the warning sign irritant mean?

that the thing is irritant...

What does the medical term spasm mean?

An involuntary sudden movement or muscular contraction that occurs as a result of some irritant or trauma.

What happens when you are ichy?

Generally there is an irritant effecting the local skin area in question. This can mean that the irritant is attacking skin cells, or that the body is utilizing its defense mecanism to attack the irritant.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of the skin that results from an irritant?

contact dermatitis

What does an irritant mean?

An irritant is a substance that caused slight irritation or some sort of discomfort to the body. Can also be anything that is constantly annoying or distracting

What does irritant hazard mean?

Irritant hazard means that the substance is able to irritate your skin, eyes or other mucous membranes if it comes in contact with them.

Where is the term 'irritant' most often used?

The term irritant usually means causing irritation, mostly physically. It is used for instance when one suffer from tobacco smoke or when one gets an light acid fluid over ones hand.

What dose irritant mean?

Irritant means it can have a reaction to something for example if you see irritant with a cross on a chemical bottle it means if it has contact with body parts or skin you may have a bad reaction like itching , sourness or burning

Is trypsin corrosive or irritant?


Inflammatory you mean like when you get hemorrhoids?

Inflammatory is anything that is swollen because of an irritant

What does the irritant symbol mean?

these substances are not corrosive but can cause reddening or blistering of the skin

Is bleach irritant?

yes. bleach is AN irritant.