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It means what it says. The Lord Jesus Christ is The Most High God. This is especially significant today with the names of other gods around us. But there is only one Most High God.

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Q: What does the term most high God mean?
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What does El Elion mean?

God most High

What does the name mekhi mean?

who is like god or child of the most high one

What does the I AM on Adam Young's shirt mean?

It is most likely a reference to God. Adam Young is a strong Christian and "I Am" is a term for God referring to a point in the Book of Exodus when God says to Moses "I Am that I Am."

What does the term sovereign mean?

To love "God" with all your heart.

What does the short term TGIF mean?

thank god it's Friday

What does the term empyrean mean?

The term "Empyrean" has several meanings some of them are: derived from heaven, mind of God, celestial. It is also known as the abode of God and the angels.

How many times does 'most high' appear in the KJV of the Bible?

The word pair "most high" occurs 47 times in the King James version. It invariably refers to God ("most high God" appears eleven times; "God most high" twice, "Lord most high" twice), and all but five of its appearances are in the Old Testament.

What is the greek name for most high god?


What was the religion of Melchizedek?

Melchizedek was the legendary king of Salem, mentioned in Genesis 14:18-20 as living in the time of Abraham. He was described as also being a priest of the most high God. It is implied in these verses that his God was the God of Abraham himself. Therefore it could be said that he was a priest of the religion that became the religion of the Hebrew people.

What does the French term Mon Dieu je Regrette mean?

My god, I'm sorry

How does veneration of Mary and the saints differ from the worship you give to God?

God is the most high. You give more.

What do people do at church?

We worship and praise God and magnifier the Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ