What does the term phenomenon describe?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable

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Q: What does the term phenomenon describe?
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What is the term used to describe ghostly voices caught on recordings?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon- (EVP)

Is there a term to describe the phenomenon of bonding with someone through having an enemy in common?

the enemy of my enemy is my friend

Why is the term radioactive decay used to describe the phenomenon?

The question is not complete, not knowing WHICH phenomenon one is talking about. So please rephrase your question, it might well be a very interesting one.

When immigrants blend completely together to create a similar identity and culture you use this Term to describe this phenomenon?

If immigrants are joining another culture or country and bland in, that term is called assimilating.

What theme of biology does this phenomenon describe?


What is the term used to describe an explanation of a natural phenomenon supported by observation and experimentation?


What is ufology?

UFOlogy is a word coined to describe the research of and combined efforts of those researching the UFO phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, however, UFOlogy as a word does not solely describe those in favour of UFO's as Extraterrestrial Spacecraft, but rather an umbrella term relating to all studies of the phenomenon itself, irrespective of belief or stance on the subject.

What is the term for acceptance explanation for a phenomenon?


What is the term for an untested explanation for a phenomenon?


What is the medical term meaning vaginal expulsion of gas?

There is no medical term for that phenomenon.

How can I have phenomenon in a sentence?

Use phenomenon to describe something out of the ordinary like.. Hally's Comet which comes to pass Earth every.. like 76 years like: It was a phenomenon to watch the legendary Hally's Comet the night it passed over our sky. or describe a legendary sports athlete or something.

What is the scientific term for the phenomenon of raining frogs?

I don't know whether you call it a "scientific" term, but I have come across the term "fafrotskies" to describe objects that "FAll FROm The SKIES". A quick google will haul up numerous pages. Another term that might fit is that it is a "Fortean phenomenon", named after Charles Fort, who was a scientist who studied strange phenomena in our world. Hope that helps. Storm Weaver stormweaverz@[remove_space]