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what eats a desert lizard called the thorny devil

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Birds of Prey such as wedge tailed eagle, snakes and larger lizards such as goannas

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The Thorny devil, a strange, spiky lizard of Australia, feeds exclusively on ants. It prefers small, black ants of the Iridomyrmex flavipes species.

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Q: What does the thorny devil eat?
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How do people eat the thorny devil?

they frie it up and eat it.

Do thorny devil lizards eat plants?

No. The Thorny devil, an unusual spiked lizard of Australia, feeds almost exclusively on ants.

What food does the thorny devil dislike?

The thorny devil eats only ants. It can eat thousands of ants in a single sitting collecting them up with its sticky tongue. Therefore, it can safely be stated that the thorny devil dislikes anything except for ants.

Does a thorny devil eat plants?

No. Thorny devils live exclusively on insects. Specifically, it prefers small, black ants of the Iridomyrmex flavipes species.

Is te thorny devil a mammal?

The thorny devil isn't a mammel

Does the thorny devil eat bugs?

I think he eats mainly ants.The Thorny devil of Australia feeds exclusively on ants. It prefers small, black ants of the Iridomyrmex flavipesspecies.

Is there an order to the Thorny Devil?

Yes. The Thorny devil belongs to the order Squamata.

What is the male thorny devil called?

There is no specific name for a male thorny devil.

What are some differences between the thorny devil and the Tasmanian devil?

the thorny devil is a lizard and the tasmanian devil is sort of a dog. also the tasmanian devil lives in tasmania and the thorny devil lives in south australia

What is the thorny devil covered in?

The thorny devil's body is covered with sharp protuberances, or spikes.

How match does a thorny devil cost?

a thorny devil cost 90 to 1,000 dollars

Is a thorny devil a herbivore?

no. they are carnivores because they eat ants and other small insects