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The tooth fairy turns your tooth into money :)

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Thank you my 6 year old granddaughter is on the edge this bought me a little more time lol
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Q: What does the tooth fairy do with the collected teeth?
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What does tooth fairy do with teeth collected from under pillow?

Tooth fairy use our teeth for her or his collections that's why they call it tooth fairy It gives you money under your pillows!

Does the tooth fairy have any pets?

the tooth fairy does have pets dog teeth are the tooth fairy's pets

Does the tooth fairy take her own teeth?

The tooth fairy, being a magical creature, never loses her teeth.

What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth collected from under the pillow?

She eats them. If you eat teeth, you will grow wings and be 2 inches tall too! So always remember to eat your teeth!

What do kids say what do the tooth fairy does with the teeth?

the tooth fairy takes your tooth and leaves a dollar(£1) for you

Does the tooth fairy exisist?

No, the tooth fairy isn't real. The Tooth fairy is a myth. The people who trade your teeth for money are your parents.

Does a tooth fairy grant wishes?

No. The tooth fairy gives money in return for your baby teeth.

What is the tooth fairy's favorite song?

teeth wonderful teeth and me

Where did the tooth fairy come from?

this might be hard to believe but the tooth fairy is not real. i found all my teeth in my moms dresser

Does the tooth fairy eat?

She eats teeth.

Where does the tooth fairy keep teeth?

she takes the teeth and makes them into cups for her fairy friends.she uses cat teeth to make claws for kittens.she will make them into a dress and go to the fairy prom.

Why does the tooth fairy leave money?

The tooth fairy collects teeth and in return,gives one money.

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