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Guards the trigger against accidental pressure, and reduces the chance of an accidental firing of the gun.

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Q: What does the trigger guard do on a gun?
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How do you use the word ' trigger' in a sentence?

Example sentence - The gun had a trigger guard on it for safety reasons.

Where can you find a trigger guard for a savage arms model 6d?

The trigger guard is available from Numrich Gun Parts. There are two different types of trigger guards for the Savage 6d. The plastic guard that has a inletted area for the trigger guard in the stock and the simple bent metal trigger guard that just screws into the stock wood. Plastic trigger guard is product # 103530U $24.10 Metal guard is product # 10543OAL $11.50

Where can you find a trigger guard for a 258A?

Try gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, want ads.

Trigger guard for Stevens 16 gage shot gun?


where can you find a trigger guard for a Stevens model 94 m?

Gun shops,garage sales,gun shows,E-bay etc.

Where can you find a bolt trigger guard for a revelation 336 410 shot gun?

Try gun shows,, Shotgun News, Gun List, your local gun shop

Where can you find a trigger guard for a Winchester model 77?

I would start my search at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

I have sweet 16-1948 SN X18xxx that does not have gold trigger has 3 holes in barrel ring and scripted sweet sixteen on left side why no gold trigger?

Answer If the gun has a cross bolt safety, it means that it was converted by Browning. This gun was made with the safety in the front of the trigger guard. Many times the gun would be converted and the new trigger was blued. If your safety is in the front of the trigger guard, then best explanation would be that it was replaced from repair, or that the gun was refinished. A sweet 16 that came from the factory at FN would be rare not to have a gold trigger. The answer is most likely something else besides a mistake from FN. If it's important to you, contact Browning and see if you can have them plate or replace your trigger.

Have a Winchester model 63 there is a number stamped just in front of the trigger guard 35856 question is this the gun serial number thank you?

Yes and it dates the gun at 1939

Need trigger guard for Western Field model M150C?

That gun should be a Mossberg 183K. For parts, try: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Browning 12ga special steel shot gun the safety is in front of trigger guard how old is it ser?

No serial number provided

What is the age of a john m smyth co gun with ab 736 or 786 stamped by the trigger guard?

No sn data available