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What does the welfare state provide in the UK?

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Minimum standard of life and a minimum income for all.

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What is the purpose of a welfare state?

To provide assistance to people in need.

What are the duties of a welfare state?

DUTIES OF A WELFARE STATE ARE AS FOLLOWING : EMPLOYMENT : A welfare state should make all the possible arrangements to provide employment to all the citizens . CONSULTATION : A welfare state takes all decisions throgh mutual discussion. QUICK & CHEAP JUSTICE : Every citizen get legal rights and quick and cheap justices is available to all. HEALTH & EDUCATION : A welfare state that provides full facilities of health and education to its citizens.

What does the state do in terms of providing welfare in the UK?

The state provides a minimul standard of living for the citezens who live in the uk, also it illiminats poverty and attends to peoples dire medical needs!

How does the federal government provide for the general welfare of the people?

The government is not suppose to provide for the general welfare, it is suppose to promote the general welfare. There is a big dfference.

What are the objectives of a welfare state?

A welfare state means a system of social services for people who are ill, old, unemployed, etc paid for by a State. Duties, purpose or objectives of a welfare state is to provide people with food, jobs, medical services, clothes, shelter, education, unity among people, fundamental rights and equal opportunities of people of a state etc.

What is a sentence for welfare state?

This country is becoming a welfare state.The prime minister refuses to allow his country to become a welfare state.

Which country is nicknamed the Welfare State?

Sweden is known as the welfare state.

What is the meaning of word welfare?

It is the health state of someone. It is also used to define the social plans of certain governments (such as Canada's) that provide Welfare Cheques to low income earners.

Who started the welfare state in the UK?

The Liberal government of 1906-14 established a kind of 'poor person's welfare state'. Provision was wretched (for example, a weekly pension of five shillings for the over-70s) and very patchy. Welfare was expanded in the inter-war period, partly as a result of the Great Depression. It is Attlee's government of 1945-51 that it usually credited with the foundation of the modern welfare state.

When was The Mammaries of the Welfare State created?

The Mammaries of the Welfare State was created in 2000.

How can you contribute to the welfare of society?

Pay your taxes. The government will provide the welfare part.

I can't afford to pay my bills and need to apply for welfare to provide for my family.?

Welfare varies by state and by county. If there is a social work office that you know of, that would be one place to start. Otherwise go to the .Gov. site for your state and find out what you can there.

Which of the following is concerned with the promotion of Welfare State?

welfare state is well defined in which of the following?

How many pages does The Mammaries of the Welfare State have?

The Mammaries of the Welfare State has 440 pages.

What is welfare state?

A Welfare State was employed in England during the 1960s. The Welfare State had programs that allowed impoverished people to receive medical, dental and vision treatment.

How difficult it is to apply for welfare?

Welfare varies from state to state, ask your local state offices in order to find out.

What is difference between welfare-state and Islamic state?

differentiate between welfare state and islamic stae

When did pharaohs provide for public welfare?

They didn’t provide for “public welfare.” This is a modern concept and for thousands of years people did the best they could to live.

Why is Sweden called a welfare state?

Sweden is called a welfare state because it had a dissertaion back in the early 2000 called resilient welfare

What is the poverty called that you have in the UK?

Being on welfare in the UK is known as being on "the dole".

What does provide the general welfare in the constitution mean?

That phrase is not in the constitution. The exact phrase is "promote the general welfare" in the preamble (Note that the word provide is used in the context of 'provide for the common defense') It does not mean that everyone gets welfare as defined today. Within the context of the constitution, the aspects of the 'general welfare' are enumerated in Article I, section 8 - these items are the embodiment of promoting the general welfare.

What makes Sweden a welfare state?

Although Sweden has a mixed economy, it is often referred to as a welfare state because of it's extensive welfare systems.

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