What does the word efficient mean?


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It means right or correct

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It means "freeing the feet," that is, efficient and swift.

No, the word 'efficient' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun: an efficient method, an efficientwaiter.The noun form for the adjective efficient is efficiency.

No, the word efficient is an adjective, a word that describes a noun; for example:I was pleased with the efficient worker for the agency.

Effective, effectual, efficacious, productive, industrious.

επαρκής ( eparkis)

Another word for efficient is competent, or businesslike. Hope I helped!

More efficient and most efficient are the comparative and superlative forms of "efficient".

Capáx or Peritús are the words which mean efficient in Latin.

There are 3 syllables in efficient:ef/fi/cient

To be efficient means to be quick and effective at a job or task.

Tube lights are more efficient than light bulbs.

efficatious sovereign

An antonym for the word "incompetent" is "efficient."

Efficient means done in a way that is least difficult, complicated, costly, or time-consuming. In short, a better way.Efficacious means "having the desired result" or more simply "effective."Many individuals use the word efficacious incorrectly, to mean more efficient.

Here are some sentences.This is a more efficient method.She is an efficient worker.

The definition of efficient is the following: 1. To Deliver a successful outcome and meets objectives as fully as possible.

Typically more, but that depends on how you are using/meaning the word "efficient", very vague.

Efficient (Adj) It means able to produce effect wanted without wasting time or energy.

It's not a prefix in the usual way, like 're' or 'in', but comes from the Latin word 'efficire', meaning efficient or capable of producing the desired effect.

"More bang for your bucks"

Smart material is energy efficient.

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