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Geography is the science of the earth's physical feature resources , climate and population so that is what geography is

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Q: What does the word geography mean?
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Related questions

What does movement in the five themes of geography mean?

it mean the word

The word geography literally mean to what?

Geography means to draw the Earth. Geo- = Earth + --graphy = draw (or map).

What does the word convection current mean in geography?

it means electricity

What compound mean in geography?

If you mean Geography Compound words, a compound word is made up of two smaller words that relate to geography eg earth+quake=earthquake. Another definition of a compound word is two smaller words combined to make a new word eg. water+fall=waterfall or pony+tail=ponytail.

What do you use in geography what is a three letter word?

Geo mean the earth

What does the word delta in geography terms mean?

area at the mouth of the river

What the word cabo mean in English?

Cabo can mean a rope, a corporal, a cape (geography), a bit, after, a stub.

What is the word 'geography' in French?

The French word for the subject of Geography is 'la géographie'.

What is thhe Latin word for geography?

There are two Latin translations for the word "geography". One is the word "statius" and the second is the word "geographia".

What does element mean in geography?

element of geography mean what is in that story and what is it about or in the sentence

Where did the word geography come from?

The word 'Geography' comes from the Greek word 'Ge' meaning 'the Earth', and 'graphein' meaning 'to describe' or 'to write'.

What does the greek word geo as in geography mean?

It comes from the ancient Greek for mother. Mother Earth is an old belief.

What does development mean in geography?

Development is a word which describes the quality of life of people around the world and it getting better.

What is an example of the word geography in a sentence?

We were studying geography in school.

How do you translate the word geography from English to Spanish?

Geography = Geografía

Who to say geography in French?

Géographie is the French word for Geography.

What does the word channel mean in geography term?

In physical geography, a channel is the physical confine of a river, slough or ocean strait consisting of a bed and banks.

How would you use the word geography in a long sentence?

If you mean a "random" long sentence, then how about: The class studied the geography of the Fertile Crescent all week, but then began to read about the region around it.

The word geography comes from the Greek word?

Geo meaning Earth and Graphien meaning to write they defned geography as " Description of the Earth"

What is theAnother word for geography?

Another word for geography is "spatial analysis." Another way to describe geography is: study of all physical and cultural aspects of the Earth and their inter-relationships.

Who used the term geography?

The person that used the word GEOGRAPHY IS ERATOSTHENES

How would you use the word geography in a sentence?

I'm studying geography.

What do you mean by geography history and civics?

civic and geography

Do you capitalize geography in the sentence United Stated Geography?

Yes, you do capitalize the word "geography" because it is part of the title.

What is a word that you get if you rearrange ygeaphrgo?