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A substance which has no fixed shape, but takes on the shape of its container, and has a fixed volume at a fixed temperature. It is not compressible.

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Q: What does the word liquid mean in science?
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What doese the science word solution mean?

It is usually a liquid

What does the word solouble in science mean?

The word soluble in science means that a substance may be dissolved in a liquid, usually water.

What word is used in science to mean solid liquid or gas?

Solid, liquid and gas are 3 phases of matter (but not the only phases).

What is displaced liquid?

What is displaced liquid mean in science terms?

What does liquid mean in science?

Liquid is take the shape of container

What does liquid mean in science terms?

A fluid

What does the word prism mean in science?

what does prism mean in science language

In science What does classify system mean?

its a science word

What does the science word key mean?

The science word "key" means important or critical.

What does liquid mean in science for 8th grade?

well it means everything you drink and everything you have in your body is liquid.

What does the word push mean in science?


What is the science term freezing mean?

in science, freezing means change of matter from a liquid state to a solid state.