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It is an Arabic word meaning Mosque or house of kneeling (prayer).

Place of Prostration

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Q: What does the word masjid mean?
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What does the Arabic word masjid mean?

Place of prostration....

What is a mosque and what is a masjid?

Masjid is the Arabic word. Mosque is the English word, sort of the result of a bad transliteration.

What does the Muslim name nimra mean?

It means number. This is transtaltion from English word. Or if you meant Namira Masjid in Makkah, it referres to a place, where the Masjid in, it means tiger. Correction: Namrah means number. Nimra is the name of the masjid and it means tiger. Not Namira.

Word masjid means a place of what?

place of worship

The word masjid literally means a place of?


What is the origin of the italain word moschea?

It comes from the Arabic word masjid, which is temple in English

Why is a mosque called a mosque?

I believe, not sure though, that mosque is just the English way of saying Masjid, which means, where you do sajda(prostration)... Mosque is not the original word... The original is Masjid.

Who is the founder of Delhi juma masjid?

The founder of Delhi Juma Masjid was one Masjid Jahan Numa.

Can amuslims enter in masjid?

Yes they go into the Masjid

When was babri masjid built?

who was built babri masjid

What are the three mosque that Muslim should visit in their lives?

Masjid Haraam, Masjid Nab-vi & Masjid Aksa

When was Chawk Masjid created?

Chawk Masjid was created in 1767.