What does the word niche mean in science?


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a living organism's role in an ecosystem

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Niche means a location that an animal lives in

Niche is a unique ecological role of species Its just the definition turned into a sentence

what does prism mean in science language

In science the word purpose means: the reason why.

It is the Arabic word for niche. Mosques usually feature such mihrabs.

In the sense of a niche in natural science, then it will include the environment necessary for the studied species, and may include the micro climate, as well as the food sources. It is not a word that is highly specific.

The science word "key" means important or critical.

that depends what do you mean by niche

The word mass in science means the density of an object.

Niche - a organism that has a role in the ecosystem

I have found a niche in the market.

Maybe it will mean science stific word so I don't

the word science means using knowledge

The word "theory" in science means it could mean many of things. In science it would mean comprises a collection of concept!

Immobile (though I don't quite understand what you mean by science word)

the position and function of a particular species or population in an ecological community

Niche means a job or role of and organism.

Science is an English word that comes from the Latin verb 'scio', which means to know.

Niche. , saw this in my science book.

Just because it has the word science in it doesn't mean it's an actual science.

ma niche means 'my doghouse' in French.

Niche is not a German word. It is derived from the French word niche (recess), which in turn comes from the Latin nidus, meaning nest.The word means:a shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display an ornament.a comfortable or suitable position in life.a specialized but profitable corner of the market.Ecology a role taken by a type of organism within its community.

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