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Q: What does the word sombrero mean in English?
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What does el sombrero mean in English?

It means the hat

What English word do you use but is a Spanish word?

If you mean "English" words that were originally Spanish, then: tortilla, adios, piñata, quesadilla, empanada, fiesta, sombrero, tapas, marina, tacos, ole, paella, sangria, vino

What is a sentence for the word sombrero?

Sombrero is not an English word, so it's not a common word to come across. It is a Spanish word that means a specific type of wide brimmed hat worn by peasants. Here are some sentences.The banditos wore sombreros that shaded their faces.Tomorrow is Mexican Day at school, and I am going to wear my sombrero.You can do a dance with a sombrero.

What does sombrero spell in Spanish?

"sombrero" is the Spanish word for "hat".

How do you say sombero in English?

In English, sombrero is said "Hat".

What does the word sombrero comes from?


What is the word hat in spanish?


What does un sombrero mean?

A hat.

What country does the word sombrero come from?


Do the sombrero have gravity?

I assume you mean the sombrero galaxy. It is a galaxy, hence it has mass, hence it has gravity. If you mean a "sombrero" as in hat, it also has mass and therefore gravity. The gravity, in each case, can be calculated via the gravitational formula.

What does sombrero mean?

It means "hat" in the spanish language.

How do you say hatting in spanish?

"sombrero" or "gorra" Sombrero. sombrero Sombrero