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It is the Spanish word for "fox".

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Q: What does the word zorro mean in Spanish?
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What is the Spanish word Zorro mean in English?


What does zorro mean in Spanish?


Zoro is the spanish word for what animal?

I suppose you want to say zorro and zorro is same as fox

What does a baby Zorro animal look like?

"Zorro" is the Spanish word for "fox". I imagine that a "baby zorro" looks just like a fox pup.

What animal Zorro is Spanish for what animal?

Zorro is Spanish for Fox

What does zorro mean in french?

Nothing, it's a spanish word meaning foxZéro means nul, zero, 0

What does the term 'el zorro' mean?

El Zorro is referring to an Australian railway operator company. It is based in Victoria. It was founded in 1999. In the Spanish language, "zorro" means fox.

Spanish word that starts with z?

Zapato (shoe), zanahoria (carrot), zorro (fox).

What is silver fox in spanish?

Do you mean: 'Good job-fox', 'Good-job, fox', or 'Good job, fox'

What is the difference between a Zorro fox and a red fox?

A Zorro fox isn't a species of fox, however "zorro" means fox in Spanish.

What is Fox in spanish?

El Zorro Plata!

What spanish word starts with the letter z?

· zafar (to untie) · zanier (to resolve) · el zorro (a fox) · la zoologia (zoology)