What does the xo stand for in Ovoxo?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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It stands for ecstasy an oxycodone. Drakes and the weekends favorite drugs. That's why he says xo till we overdose

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Q: What does the xo stand for in Ovoxo?
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What does ovoxo mean?

OVOXO translates to October's Very Own And The Weekend (XO) It Is A Collaboration Group Between Singer/Rap Artist Drake and Singer The Weekend. OVO stands for October's Very Own Which Is Widely Known As Drake's Moniker as he was born October 24. Drake Even holds an annual OVO festival in Toronto Canada. The logo for OVO is an owl that Drake can be seen wearing at times. XO is the slogan and logo of R*B singer The Weeknd. Which is from the very old Slang standard in which X's Exasty , O's Oxy. This Collaboration was brought about when the Also Toronto Based artist The Weekend came to Drake with a 'Demo tape" And Drake was Enamored with his singing talents So they just often refer to they're dynamic duo as OVOXO.....OVOXO Is the official name of their 1st 21song mixtape together where they help and even produce songs for one another although they both are only featured on few songs together. OVOXO

What does xx amd xo stand for on twitter?

x is a kiss o is a hug so xo would be kiss hug

Who is drakes producer?

YMCMB and OVOXO are drakes producers.

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What does drake mean when he says ovoxo?

drake is in a group with the weekend and others who make mix tapes.

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Xo means that the cognac aged at least 6 years (XO or X.O. = extremely old or extra old)

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