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What does third world debt?


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Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries. Third World debt is external debt incurred by Third World countries.

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how can we get rid of third world debt

third world countries which are in debt to countries which have more money and material. Third world is when devolving countries are in debt. countries like Africa which have no money or materials .

Third world debt started just at the very end of the 1970's

the northern sidde of the world lends monney to the southen and they cant re-pay the debt so it is called the third world debt

russia is the most third world because of the amount of land it has.

some but not many... mostly the 3rd world

A pro of third world debt relief is that it gives countries the chance to develop. A con is that the money could have been used in your own country.

the contries with 3rd world dept are the ones who are poor

the differance is that animal testing is about testing animals on medicines and products. but the Third World Debt is about the loans that a country gets from other countires. For example some countries which are in the third world debt are Bolivia, Somalia, Aghanistan, Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia and many,many more.

Its funny third world debt is bad because it affects use as it cuts down are money which is hard for use to get the stuff we need x

Third World debt fund-raising activities that have taken place in the last three months in the UK.

Oil Exporting companies received more money, which they kept for extra. They then put this extra money in Western banks, which gave the money to third world countries to build up the country. However, due to factors like recession, the countries debt started to increase, and after 10 years of third world debt starting, the debt rose up to $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion dollars).

No one denies that debt service throughout the Third World cripples the economic chances of the countries involved. Africa, specifically, is where more of the Fourth World exists, those countries so poor that the older "Third World" status no longer applies. The only difference between Africa and the rest of the Third World is that the national economies of Africa are poorer, so the ratio between production and debt is far more detrimental to those countries.

Of course not. There are countries in the third world with much higher debt. America has the largest gross debt. Something to the tune of 4.5 trillion dollars. Closely followed by Japan

In most third world countries the debt they have surmounted is due to their governments trying to lay down the necessary infrastructure to elevate their countries status to that of second and first world countries. However this action is premature on their part, they lack the requisite industries to back such expansion, causing the debt to crush their small economy's, holding them in third world status. Cancelling this debt would give these countries an opportunity to retake control of their economy and then grow.

it should be cancelled because the whole world will blow up into air

band aid, red nose day etc.

Lots of taken place, which cannot all be named One, could be.. Third Debt Kept UK ActivePovert

Third World Dept means people from other countries that don't have any food or money and have to make sleeping arrangements on the floor.

It affects countries that have to pay other countries because they r so poor

The world gets out of debt by paying their debts

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