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Q: What does this supremely beautiful mean?
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Is teoni a name?

Teoni means Godly,divine,supremely beautiful

What does pesimo mean?

pésimo/ma. It means, "supremely bad, that which cannot be any worse."

Is supremely an adverb?

Yes, supremely is an adverb. It means immensely, or to a great or extraordinary degree.

What part of speech is supremely?

The word supreme is an adjective. It means to have power over everything else.

What is 'supremely very good' when translated from English to Italian?

"Supremely, very good!" in English is Supremamente veramente buono! in Italian.

What does the idiom you are a little angel mean?

This is a metaphor, not an idiom. They are comparing that person to an angel, which is a supremely good being in religious lore.

Does stunning mean beautiful?

It can mean beautiful

One who is supremely selfish is called?


What does it mean for a person to have royal essence?

I think you mean " royal presence " . This means some who is supremely self-confident and possesses all the social graces in a very natural manner .

Does Haley mean beautiful?

Haley does mean beautiful and to some hot!

What does Estela mean?

beautiful beautiful

If you are hazel eyed does that mean your beautiful?

why would you ask this? and yes it could mean that your beautiful