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Pursue or hunt means to chase something.

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Q: What does to pursue or hunt mean?
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Related questions

What does the word pursue mean?

Pursue means to catch, hunt, or look for something.

What does To pursue or hunt?

Pursue or hunt means to chase something.

What is a five letter word that means to pursue or hunt?

Chase is a five letter word that means to pursue or hunt.

What is another word for hunt or chase?


Where do African elephant hunt?

Elephants don't hunt, they predate plants, but there aren't that many hunting skills needed to pursue vegetables.

What is a synonyms for chase?

hunt, quest, follow pursue, track, hound

What other words have same meaning as hunt?

Pursue, chase, seek out, track down...stalk

What is the synonym for follow?

accompany, attend, escort, pursue, track, hunt, chase, shadow, trail, hound

What nationality is the surname caza?

The surname: Caza'; is from the castilian spanish word: caza; which means to "pursue" or "hunt".

Can a person with suspended foid card hunt with a person that has a valid foid card?

Nope It is a felony if they want to pursue it.

What is the origin of the name Caza?

The Caza' - Originally a surname, orginates from Castilian Spanish: meaning to pursue, chase or hunt.

What does pursue mean?

Pursue means in simple words that to chase follow or continue with something!;to chase or follow

What does That dog can hunt mean?

That dog can hunt is a metaphor for He is good at something

What does seeking and hunt mean?

To seek or hunt means to go on a quest.

What does to strive to gain or accomplish mean?

to pursue

What does' pursue an occupation' mean?

choosing a profession

In stag hunting what is a harbourer?

Before the Hunting Act was passed, the Harbourer was the person who goes, out normally in the early morning, and finds and watches the deer, which the hunt wishes to pursue, usually one which has been doing particular damage to crops, and where it lies up. This information was then given to the Master at the meet so that the hunt could successfully pursue this animal.

What does it mean to pursue happiness?

To do the things you like. Hobbies

What does persued mean?

The proper spelling is pursued, and is the past tense and past participle of pursue. Pursue means to chase or follow.

What does the Maori word whaia mean?

To follow/chase/pursue

What does it mean to pursue something?

It means to go after something and attach to it

What does it mean to pursue knowledge?

To seek greater awareness of our world.

What did the Mayan hunt for?

what exactly do you mean? hunt for as in food, or it could mean i variety of things. i would be happy to answer though, if it were more specific

How do elephants hunt and what are their main foods?

Elephants eat vegetation. Thus, they do not "hunt" unless by the word hunt, you mean to look for plants.

How do you pursue someone for defamation of character?

to pursue some one means you want to chase them, if you mean to "sue" someone you will have to go to court with an attorney to help you with your case.

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